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Graduate Course

- Morphological Techniques 3 cr hr.

Graduate students will have the opportunity to learn basic fundamental principles of histological processing of research tissues for paraffin including embedding, sectioning and Hematoxylin and Eosin staining. Colorimetric immunodetection of parafin scections will highlight differences in IHC and routine histological stains. Students will receive their own samples for a more hands on experience. Students will learn how to design experimental protocols, make modifications, troubleshoot, and quantify their results. Basic bright field microscopy, followed by analysis of results using software will help the students see the full workflow. Students will have a combination of lectures and laboratory time where they will apply the lecture material in a practical setting. The couse will be divided into two blocks each with a lecture exam and laboratory assessment grade.

Undergraduate Course

- HEAL 4640

- Histology Module - Basic Histology, IHC/IF and Microscopy

Undergraduate students will learn basic fundamental principles of paraffin processing for research tissues, embedding and sectioning. Students will preform routine Hematoxylin and Eosin staining, see examples of other common histology stains, and have an opportunity to view a slide library. Students will preform immunofloursecence or immunohistochemistry on cells or tissue prepared for them. They will learn how to design experimental protocols, make modifications, troubleshoot, and quantify their results. Students will have opportunities for both bright field and flourescent imaging. There will be theory evaluations to ensure their understanding of the concepts taught.

Robertson College

- Medical Laboratory Assistant

Students from Robertson College’s accreddited MLA program attend an Introduction to Histological techniques course twice annually. Here students learn the basics of cytology, buccal swabs and staining with methyl green and/or Papanicolaou, and blood smear staining with Wright-Giemsa. Students proceed to basic paraffin and cryo sample processing, embedding, sectioning, staining and imaging. Students learn standard Hematoxyling and Eosin staining on their own created sections. Students are instructed by our facility technicians and supervised on all equipment. Students learn theory about the techniques as well as practice hands on skills. Students also prepare their own samples and slides as well as taking their own images on microscopes from our imaging facility.