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Imaging Facility

Room 121 Basic Medical Science Building

Hours Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm (swipe card 24/7) Please book equipment prior to use. To book equipment; Use the calendar located next to each piece of equipment. - If you are not able to book in person please contact histology staff at histology_services@umanitoba.ca or 204-789-3508 and we can add your booking on your behalf.


New Users

All new users are required to contact Histology staff to arrange necessary training and initiate fee payments when applicable.


Training is mandatory for all users by histology staff or Zeiss representatives. It is up to Histology staff, representative trainers and the department Head/Platform Director to decide whether the user has demonstrated adequate understanding of the instrument to be granted unsupervised access. Upon completion of training users must pass a practical test to be granted full privledges.

Booking time on Intruments

Booking will be done using calendars nex to each piece of equipment. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure time booked is honored. Billing will be calculated based on the booked time and log book records. If users do not cancel their unused time they will be billed. Failure to honour booked times may result in loss of privileges of the instrument. If users do not arrive within 30 minutes of the booked time the booking becomes void and the equipment is considered free for use by another user.

Facility Use

Users must strictly follow the startup and shutdown procedures for each instrument. Gloves are not permitted on any of the instruments or computers. All users are required to fill in the log book for each instrument during every use. No exceptions. Instruments must be left in pristine condition when finished. Everything must be turned off, covered, and oil lenses cleaned and any rubbish discarded.

Data storage and file transfer

Data should be stored directly to the R: Drive for each individual lab when possible. Data can be temporarily stored on the hard drives of the instruments in the D: drive. The facility is not responsible for data stored on these hard drives; leaving data here is at the users own risk. Data left here indefinitely will be deleted without warning. USB flash drives are not permitted unless newly purchased from the histology lab. If you require a new USB, CD/DVD see histology staff. Users are responsible for their own data.


Please notify Histology staff immediately of any problems. This includes supply depletion (oil, lens paper, cleaning solution), software issues, burnt out bulbs or filaments or any other issues associate with use of the instruments.

After Hours / Weekends

If problems occur after hours, on weekends, or on holidays please shut down the equipment, place a sign so no one else uses it, and contact histology staff via e-mail at histology_services@umanitoba.ca. For emergencies call 555 for Security or 911.