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Histological and Histochemical Stains

Prices are subject to change due to increases in chemical costs. Additional costs may also apply for optimization of personalized special requests or tissue types.

Alcian Blue (pH 2.5)

Results Strongly acidic sulfated mucosubstances - Blue Nuclei - Pink/red Cytoplasm - Pale Pink Specificity/Tissue Intestine, Appendix, colon $2.50/slide

Alcian Blue & Periodic Acid Schiff

Results Acid mucins - Blue Neutral mucins - Magenta Mixtures - Blue/Purple Nuclei - Deep Blue Specificity/Tissue Intestine, Appendix, colon $4.00/slide

Hematoxylin & Eosin

Results Collagen - Pale Pink Muscle - Deep Pink Acidophilic cytoplasm - Red Basophilic cytoplasm - Purple Nuclei - Blue Erythrocytes - Cherry Red Specificity/Tissue All tissues $3.00/slide

Masson Trichrome

Results Collagen - Blue Muscle - Red Cytoplasm - Red Nuclei - Black Mucins - Blue Keratin - Red Specificity/Tissue All tissues $7.00/slide

Nissl / Cresyl Violet

Results Neuron (Nissl body) - Pink/violet Specificity/Tissue Nervous system, Brain, Spinal Cord $4.00/slide

Nuclear Fast Red (counter stain)

Results Nuclei - Red Specificity/Tissue All tissues $2.00/slide

Oil Red O (Hematoxylin counter stain)

Results Lipids - Bright Red Nuclei - Pale blue Specificity/Tissue Cryosections of adipocytes Usually unfixed $7.00/slide

Picrosirius Red

Results Nuclei - Black, Grey, Brown Collagen - Red Background - Yellow Specificity/Tissue Collagen $7.00/slide

Prussian Blue

Results Ferric salts - Deep blue Nuclei - Red Erythrocytes - Yellow Specificity/Tissue Ferric ions, Brain, Bone marrow, blood $3.00/slide

Periodic acid Schiff

Results Neutral mucins - Magenta Specificity/Tissue Intestine (goblet, paneth cells) Mucous gland $4.00/slide

Safranin O

Results Nuclei - Black Cytoplasm, Cartilage - Grey Green Mucin, Mast cells, Granules - Orange to Red Specificity/Tissue Cartilage $5.00/slide

Toluidine Blue

Results Nuclei - Dark Blue Mast cells, Granules - Red/Purple Background - Light Blue Specificity/Tissue Mast Cells, Nuclei $3.00/slide

Verhoeff van Gieson

Results Nuclei - Blue/Black Elastic FIbers - Blue/Black Collagen - Red Muscle and other tissue elements - Yellow Specificity/Tissue Elastic Fibers, Aorta, Kidney, Myometrium $7.00/slide