126.138: General Phonetics

Fall 2003

For an older version of these pages from past years, go here.


Most of these pages are still in the version they were for the fall 2001 course. They will slowly be changed where appropriate.

Most of the IPA symbols on these pages are still done with itsy-bitsy little graphic files, which don't change size when the rest of your text does. I'm slowly converting over to ordinary Unicode characters.

To make sure your browser can actually show you IPA characters in Unicode, try this test page. The frame on the left should look pretty much the same as the frame on the right -- or even better. If the left-hand frame has characters missing or replaced by a box or a question mark, follow John Well's instructions for making your browser show Unicode IPA characters.

(If you want IPA pages to actually look nice, rather than ugly, good choices for the fonts are SILDoulos and Gentium.)




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