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Instructor:  Dr Paul E. Labossiere P.Eng.

Office: E2-327F, 474-8304

Office Hours: NONE

Email: Paul.Labossiere@umanitoba.ca


-        Homework will be posted and is not to be turned in

-        Solutions will be posted prior to the final exam (details of exam administration are yet to be determined)

-        Project work is due at the specified time via email to me

-        Include MECH 3502 in subject line for all class related communication

-        There will be no final exam.

-        Grade distribution will be as follow

-        Homework 10%

-        Term Test 25%

-        Project 1 25%

-        Project 2 40% (with mandatory peer evaluations to shift grades)

-        VW date is April 13, 2020 as per University of Manitoba voluntary withdrawal policy revision.

-        Lecture notes for the remainder of the term will be included below


Lecture Notes March 18

Lecture Notes March 20

Lecture Notes March 23

Lecture Notes March 25

Lecture Notes March 27

Lecture Notes March 30 and April 1