Version: 3.87
Date: Thu Aug 04 17:13:51 GMT-06:00 2022

What is BIRCH?

BIRCH is a powerful framework for organizing  and using bioinformatics. BIRCH comes with hundreds of commonly-used tools, and allows you to customize your BIRCH site by adding new ones.

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BIRCH: A user-oriented, locally-customizable, bioinformatics system
Brian Fristensky
BMC Bioinformatics 2007, 8:54 (9 February 2007)
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What is BioLegato?

BioLegato is the graphical user interface that runs programs in BIRCH.

BioLegato can work with many different kinds of data, including sequences, alignments, phylogenetic trees, molecular markers, and NGS sequencing reads.

BioLegato makes it easy to point and click through complex analytical pipelines, such as genome or transcriptome assembly.

Examples of BioLegato applications. From top to bottom: blnfetch - BLAST results, retrieves hits from NCBI; blpalign - analysis of multple protein alignmens; blncbi - build queries to find sequences at NCBI; blreads - preprocessing and quality control of NGS reads; genome and transcriptome assembly.