BIRCH - Overriding BIRCH core programs

In some cases you may wish to override programs in the BIRCH core:
In all cases, BIRCH sets the $local/bin-xxx-xxx directories earlier in the search $PATH than $birch/bin-xxx-xxx directories. Similarly, $local/script appears ahead of $BIRCH/script in the $PATH.  Simply place the binary in the appropriate $local directory, and it will override the BIRCH core program with the same name. The one caveat is that when BIRCH is upgraded to new version, binaries and scripts in $local will still supersede those in the core. If a newer version is now in BIRCH, you may wish to delete your locally-installed version.

Overriding BioLegato menu items

This is a very common task, and the method is straightforward:
These files would have to be edited so that the BioLegato mensu displayed the names of the actual databases available on your system.

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