A word about Unicode and the IPA

To view phonetic transcriptions on any of my current pages, particularly any pages from January 2004 onwards, you will need to have installed on your system a font supported by my style sheet, or a personal style sheet that can override my values.

Current fonts that I support (in order of preference, in that the style sheet will look for them in order until it finds one):

Good fonts

I am willing to add any font to my style sheet subject to the following conditions:

If you know of a font that meets these three conditions and should be included in the list please e-mail the details to me and I'd be happy to include it.

Not so good fonts

There are a number of fonts that are available and in fairly wide use that I (at the moment) don't list among my supported fonts. I list those here, along with the reasons why I don't support them.

Lucida Sans Unicode
I think it's amazingly unattractive, but that's not why I don't use it. It turns out to have some serious errors in the shape of several important diacritics.
MS Mincho
Available free with some systems, but not freely available. At least I haven't been able to find it for freeware download.
Arial Unicode
Ditto--I can't find it freeware.

And so on

I'll try to keep this page up-to-date as I hear about and test new fonts. Check the date-stamp at the bottom of the page (if you have javascript enabled) for the date of the most recent update.

For those of you with personal style sheets, you can override my settings if you like. For IPA stuff, I use the 'span' with the attribute 'ipau'.

Happy IPAing!