All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems

by David A. Wyatt

Edmonton Region

Beaumont, Alberta

Beaumont Transportation Service GM New Look (Martin Parsons/ Beaumont Transportation Service (02 September 2002 - circa end of October 2002)
Two routes. Operated by Ron Heibert. Service within Beaumont and between Beaumont and Edmonton. (Peter McLaughlin via CTN 2002, ETS 2002) Six months trial cut short for lack of patronage. (Martin Parsons/ photo).

Edmonton Transit System (02 September 2003 - February 2004)
Six-month pilot project service within Beaumont and between Beaumont and Edmonton. Operated by Edmonton Transit System (as Route 98). Joint project of the City of Edmonton/Edmonton Transit and the Town of Beaumont, funded by Alberta Municipal Affairs.

Beaumont Mill Woods Shuttle (2012 Beaumont News) Beaumont – Mill Woods Shuttle Bus (circa 10 September 2012 - ?)
Operated by Raymond Shuttle Services Ltd. (owner Don Melanson) operating 20 trips/day, Mondays through Saturdays, between Beaumont and Mill Woods town centre in Edmonton (Beaumont News 17 September 2012). Newspaper seems not to have reported when the service stopped.

Beaumont Transit (05 September 2017 - present)
Provincial government funding for Beaumont to acquire four commuter buses was announced 11 December 2015. Plans include contracting with an existing Edmonton region transit system for operations. Municipal website also uses the name Beaumont Express.

Beaumont Transit logo (2017)
system logo (2017)
data source:website 2017


Devon, Alberta

Community Bus (? - present)
Demand-responsive door-to-door bus service provided within the town and, on selected days, to Leduc and Edmonton. Open to all residents. Advance booking required. Service pattern varies by day of the week thus all service is less than daily. Operated by the Town of Devon. (website 2011).

Edmonton Garrison, Alberta

Canadian Forces Base Edmonton consisted of two separate facilities, the army station at Griesbach (within Edmonton since 1971) and the airbase at Namao (north of Edmonton, closed in 1994). The Namao facility has since re-emerged as “Edmonton Garrison”.

Sunburst Motor Coach [Griesbach/Namao] 105 (MCI Courier 95) (William A. Luke) Blue Goose Lines (? - 1959)
Owned and operated by Sunburst Motor Coaches. Acquired by NAL. (Canadian Coach 1969, photo: William A. Luke)

Northland Arrow Lines (1959 - 1966)

Coachways (Alberta) Ltd. (1966 - July 1967)
Succeeded by WBL (Canadian Coach 1969, Transit Canada 1975).

Western Bus Lines Ltd. (July 1967 - 01 March 1973)
(Scrafton et al. 1970, Canadian Coach 1973). WBL acquired by GGB March 1973.

Grey Goose Bus Lines (Alberta) Ltd. (01 March 1973 - circa January 1974)
(Canadian Coach 1974). Succeeded by the DND (Transit Canada 1975).

Department of National Defence (circa January 1974 - late 1970s)
Shuttle van operation (Transit Canada 1975).

Edmonton Garrison ETS 13 (2007 Glavel) (David A. Wyatt 2012 Oct 20) Edmonton Garrison Bus Service (30 August 2004 - 31 December 2019)
Initially an eight month trial bus service within Edmonton Garrison and between there and the Northgate Transit Centre (later Eaux Claires Transit Centre) in Edmonton, operated by Edmonton Transit System (as route #199, later #599) and jointly funded by the province and the County of Sturgeon. Service discontinued by County 2019 for low ridership. (ETS website 2004, Sep 2005, photo: David A. Wyatt).

Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Fort Saskatchewan Transit Service (07 September 2004 - 27 April 2014)
Service within Fort Saskatchewan and between Fort Saskatchewan and the Clareview light rail transit station in Edmonton. Operated by Edmonton Transit System (as Route #198). Launched as an eight-month pilot in 2004. Local service in Fort Saskatchewan replaced by FST 2014.

Fort Saskatchewan Transit Ford cutaway (Kevin Nicol 25 May 2015) Fort Saskatchewan Transit (28 April 2014 - present)
Local transit service within Fort Saskatchewan. Operation contracted to Fort Taxi & Buslines Ltd. from start-up to 31 August 2016. Service operated free 28 April - 30 April 2014 (three days). Contractor for local routes from 01 September 2016 was PWTransit Canada Ltd. Commuter service between Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton contracted to Edmonton Transit System (from circa November 2016 Edmonton Transit Service). (Fort Saskatchewan Transit 2017, photos: Kevin Nicol, FST).

Fort Sask Transit 284 (courtesy FST)

Fort Saskatchewan Transit logo 2014
system logo 2014
Fort Saskatchewan Transit logo 2017
system logo 2017
Data Source: website 2014, FST 2017

Leduc, Alberta

Leduc Transit (circa 1999 - circa 2000)
Weekday service oriented primarily toward travel between Leduc, Nisku and Edmonton. (ETS Transit Guide, 1999, website 1999)

C-Line (01 November 2010 - 05 September 2014)
Commuter transit service between Leduc, Nisku, the Edmonton International Airport, and Edmonton, operated under contract by the Edmonton Transit System. The operation is a partnership of the City of Leduc, the County of Leduc, and the Capital Region. Service to the Edmonton International Airport discontinued 02 September 2012. (website 2010). Plans announced to replace the contracted service with a municipally owned one in September 2014.

C-Line [Leduc] logo
system logo
Data Source: website 2010

Leduc Transit 11-103 [XD40] (David A. Wyatt 2015 Jul 24) Leduc Transit (08 September 2014 - present)
Municipally owned and operated service including commuter service to Nisku and Edmonton, and local service in Leduc. Partner owners the City of Leduc and Leduc County. Transit operators contracted in 2015 to PWTransit Canada Ltd. (photo David A. Wyatt).

Leduc Transit logo (2014)
system logo (2014)
Data Source: website 2014

Morinville, Alberta

Morinville Interlink (April 1997 - 30 April 2010)
Several daily round trips (two in 1997, four in 2001) between Morinville and St. Albert, operated under contract by St. Albert Transit and funded by the Town of Morinville. (St. Albert Transit Guide, September 2001)


A pilot project to offer two round trips between Morinville and St. Albert on Mondays only was launched 09 July 2018. The Morinville Community Bus Link was scheduled to operate Mondays (except holidays) until 27 August 2018.

St. Albert, Alberta

EIR self propelled gascar Edmonton Interurban Railway Company (30 September 1913 - 01 April 1914.)
motor tram Incorporated 16 December 1910 (Alta). From Edmonton to St. Albert, Alberta. A carbarn fire destroyed the entire gascar fleet (variously reported as one or two cars) and operations were suspended. They never resumed and some track was leased and later sold to the Edmonton Radial Railway (Edmonton city system). The rest was torn up in 1916 and 1917. (Corley & Parker).

Twin City Taxi [St. Albert] bus (Alberta Prov. Archives) Twin City Transfer Company (1914 - circa 1917)
Bus service assuming the Edmonton - St. Albert route after the EIR fire, lasting about three years. (Corley & Parker, photo: Alberta Provincial Archives).

Sunburst Lines #106 (MCI Courier) on the Edmonton-St. Albert route (William A. Luke) Northland Arrow Lines (1927 - 1966)
After the 1959 acquisition of Sunburst Motor Coaches, equipment lettered for either line were used on St. Albert - Edmonton services (Canadian Coach 1969). (Photo William A. Luke).

Coachways (Alberta) Ltd. (1966 - July 1967)
Bus service to St. Albert sold to WBL (Canadian Coach 1969, Transit Canada 1975).

Western Bus Lines Ltd. (July 1967 - circa January 1973)
(Canadian Coach 1969 & 1973, Scrafton et al. 1970). Succeeded by GGB (Transit Canada 1975).

Grey Goose Bus Lines (Alberta) Ltd. (circa January 1973 - 01 April 1974)
(Canadian Coach 1973). The “St. Albert Transit: History” web page (2003) says that Western Bus Lines ceased operations 01 April 1974. Succeeded by municipally managed and ETS-contracted service (Transit Canada 1975).

St. Albert Transit 402 (GM new look) (Peter Cox 1983) St. Albert Transit (01 April 1974 - present)
Operated under contract by Edmonton Transit (System) from 1974 to 1986 and by Grey Goose Bus Lines (Alberta) Ltd. from 1986 to 30 June 2004 (CUTA 1989, CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1992). In September 1976 Briggs Brothers Bus Lines contracted to operate local peak hour bus routes (website 2003). (Photos: Peter Cox, David Wyatt).

St. Albert Transit 806 (New Flyer D60)

Saint Albert Transit logo
system logo
Service area population42,000 (1991)
Vehicle fleet34 buses (2000)
Employees12 (City),
41 (GGB) (1991)
Ridership1,254,146 (2009)
Data sources:CUTA 1991/2
CTF [Aug. 2010] (ridership)
website 2010 (logo)


Interurban gascar railway30 September 1913 - 01 April 1914
Motor bus1914 - circa 1917,
1927 - present


Sherwood Park, Alberta

Sherwood Park is an unincorporated place within the County of Strathcona.

Diamond Lines [Sherwood Park} Twin Coaches and CanCars (Peter Cox 14 May 1966) Diamond Bus Lines Ltd. (1957 - February 1969)
Transit service within Sherwood Park and between Sherwood Park and Edmonton. Initial service in 1957 was less than daily. Daily service probably appeared in the early 1960's. The 1965 schedule was eight trips per day. Succeeded by WBL (Canadian Coach 1969, Transit Canada 1975). (photos: Peter Cox).

Diamond Lines [Sherwood Park] Twins (Peter Cox 13 Sep 1964)

Western Bus Lines Ltd. (February 1969 - 01 March 1973)
(Canadian Coach 1969, Scrafton et al. 1970, Canadian Coach 1973). Equipment operated was generally school bus units. Acquired by GGB March 1973 (Transit Canada 1975).

Grey Goose Bus Lines (Alberta) Ltd. (01 March 1973 - late 1974)
Succeeded by BBBL (Transit Canada 1975).

Briggs Brothers Bus Lines (late 1974 - 11 February 1977)
(Transit Canada 1975)

County of Strathcona Transit System [Sherwood Park] 881 (GM RTS) (Peter Cox 1987) County of Strathcona Transit System (14 February 1977 - 03 September 1988)
Operated under contract by Edmonton Transit 1977 - 1988. Marketing name changed to SCT 1989. (Photo: Peter Cox).

Strathcona County Transit 8002 [Alexander Dennis Enviro500] (David A. Wyatt 2015 Jul 20) Strathcona County Transit (04 September 1988 - present)
Operated under contract by Diversified Transportation Ltd. 1988-September 2008 (CUTA 1989, CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1992, Carpenter 2015). An pilot service to Ardrossan was operated Summer 1999 to 15 January 2001 (Website 2001, Carpenter. 2015). (photo David A. Wyatt).

Strathcona County Transit logo
system logo
Service area population36,000 (1991)
Vehicle fleet42 buses (2000)
Employees 5 (County),
38 (DTL) (1991)
Ridership2,295,537 (2009)
Data sources:CUTA 1991/2
CTF [Aug. 2010] (ridership)
website 2010 (logo)


Spruce Grove, Alberta

Commuter Transit Service (03 January 2006 - February 2017)
One year pilot-project peak hours transit service within Spruce Grove (routes 196 and 197) and between Spruce Grove and Edmonton (route 197), operated by Edmonton Transit System (Spruce Grove website December 2005). Continued after pilot period. Route 196 (Latterly Spruce Grove - West Edmonton Mall) cancelled 31 October 2007. Commuter bus service extended to Acheson in Parkland County 25 April 2016.

Spruce Grove Transit (February 2017 - present)
Provincial government funding for Spruce Grove to acquire six commuter and four local buses was announced 11 December 2015. Local service in Spruce Grove is forecast for 2019, with local service for Stony Plain forecast for 2020. Beginning in February 2017 buses lettered Spruce Grove Transit began entering service (still operated under contract by Edmonton Transit Service).

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