All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems

by David A. Wyatt

Lethbridge, Alberta

Lethbridge Streetcar Lethbridge Municipal Railway (17 August 1912 - 1947?)
street railway/light rail Municipal operation. Converted two car lines to buses 1939. (Bill Krause 2013, Photo courtesy William Thorne).

Lethbridge Transit Sys. 9 (CanCar) (Peter Cox 1968) Lethbridge Transit (1947? - present)
No distinct change-over date between LMR and Lethbridge Transit System. Buses purchased in 1939 were not lettered Lethbridge Municipal Railway. Cited as City of Lethbridge, Transit Department in Dawes et al. 1972 and CUTA 1976-77. Used the name L.A. Transit between the mid-1990s and circa 2012 ( 1996, website 2013). (Canadian Coach 1969, CUTA 1989, CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1992, photo: Peter Cox).

Lethbridge Transit System logo (1968)
system logo (1968)
L.A. Transit [Lethbridge] logo
system logo
Service area population62,000 (1991)
Vehicle fleet35 buses (2000)
Employees60 (1991)
Data sources:CUTA 1991/2
website 2010 (logo)


Electric railway17 August 1912 - 08 September 1947
Motor bus1939 - present


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