General workshop outline for use of GPS receivers and recreation activities

This workshop will provide a basic understanding of GPS (Global Positioning System) and how it works. The primary focus will be the use and limits of hand held GPS receivers for recreational activities such as canoeing, hiking or geocaching. The workshop is broken into two sections: 1. In class theory, 2. Field exercise. I expect that most participants will already own their own GPS receivers; there will be a few 'for loan' receivers as well. The overall workshop time is roughly 5-6 hours. The workshop does not provide more advanced information on higher end survey grade GPS receivers, or the math that goes along with the system. The theory is mostly limited to 'arm-waving' explainations.


This section provides an overview of the GPS system, terminology, and jargon. There is an opportunity to ask questions, look at various receivers, additions, and other equipment. While it is not necessary to know how the system works to use a GPS receiver is often is quite helpful - a poor understanding of datums can have dire consequences. Time: 2-3 hours.

Field Exercise

This section will be done out side and give participants a chance to try a GPS receiver in the field. Time 2-3 hours.

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