The following has been adapted from The Whtieshell Management Plan, Manitoba Convervation, 1983

Mantario Wilderness Zone

Whiteshell's Wilderness Zone is approximately 320 sq. km. of wilderness in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. It makes up about 12% of the park area and is set aside for canoeing, hiking, cross-country skiing, primitive camping and other activities which do not require mechanized access.

Fishing is permitted in the Mantario Zone; however, hunting is not. Intensive forms of recreational development such as cottaging, and the use of snowmobiles, motor-boats and aircraft for recreational purposes are also not permitted. Private group camps are non-conforming and no further expansion of this activity will be permitted in the zone.

Commercial resource harvesting in the mantario Zone is non-conforming. Present commitments to trappers will be met in this zone. Trapping will be monitored in terms of impact on wilderness values over the term of present commitments. This will establish whether or not trapping should continue in the Mantario Wilderness Zone after present commitments are met.

Forestry and mining would be excluded from the zone. At present there are no commitments to forestry or mining. Based on existing information, the capability and potential for harvest or development of forest and mineral resources is low.

Specific applications for small-scale mineral exploration may be approved if it can be shown that the 'need to know' outweighs other considerations. Such operations would be subject to specific terms and conditions; approval of exploration would not infer approval of a mining operation. Proposals for the development of mineral resources will only be approved when it can be demonstrated that the benefits far exceed potential loss of inherent values in the zone.

Mantario Wilderness Zone Extent

Note: The Wilderness Zone is identified in the Provincial Parks Act, Park Activites Regularion. The boundaries can be found as: Plan No. 18973 filed in the office of the Director of Surveys in Winnipeg

The Provincial Parks Act C.C.S.M. c. P20, Park Activitites Regularion: 32(4) Except under the authority of a permit issued by the minister, no person shall operate a vehicle within the portion of Whiteshell Provincial Park identified as a wilderness zone on Plan No. 18973 filed in the office of the Director of Surveys in Winnipeg.
M.R. 62/2002

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