BTW - The Bridge is Out - 2010
Wednesday Evenings at La Barriere Park

May 5th started out sunny but cool (3 degrees). Finished the last regular evening paddle September 29, a beautiful warm evening with a wonderful setting sun. There were a total of 22 evening paddles at La Barriere Park with 242 people attending.

broken bridge Very heavy rains over the last weekend of May caused the river rise dramatically. The bridge was submerged and there was significant current in the river. The water had dropped somewhat by the second week of June revealing washed out approaches to the bridge and a huge log jam under the bridge itself. The bridge continued to be out of commission through out the rest of the summer and fall. The log jam was removed from the upstream side of the bridge by August and on the last evening (Sept 29) the approaches where being removed and re-placed.

August 11 was held at FWA with BBQ for members and birthday treats for some. This was the only evening paddle that did not meet at La Barriere park. Lots of fun was had by all with canoe races, paddle boards, kayaks, and a great feast of burgers salad and cake.

September 22 Paddle Manitoba participated with the Great Canadian shoreline cleanup. Bags, pop bottles, drink cans, bait containers, more bags, coffee cups, what seemed like miles of fishing line, lures, miscellaneous packaging, more bags, .... It was really important for PM members to participate in this event - we use the water, we need to take some responsibility for keeping it clean.

Getting Started There are a few people that require some special mention for their help over the summer. Eric lead two weeks while I was out on canoe trips elsewhere. A very special thanks to Susan, Kathy, and Ryan for taking phone messages and keeping everything straight.

Finally I want to say thanks to Paddle Manitoba, both membership and board members, who have been very supportive of the evening paddling programs. Thank you for your continued support and interest in these weekly outings. It is an excellent way to get people out on the river and promote the objectives of the association.

See you on the river next summer...


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