The Longest Year - 2012
Wednesday Evenings at La Barriere Park

This was the longest Wednesday evening paddling year that I have ever been involved with - due to warm spring weather, little snow, and an early melt the first official paddle was April 12 - a beautiful warm spring day with clear open water. Over the spring, summer and fall there were 25 outings with over 190 people. This is down a little from earlier but it may be that more people spent time uot of town enjoying the warm dry weather. The lack of snow and limited precipitation did mean that the water levels were down to usual summer levels by early May. I was away for a week this summer when the Kyles took responsibility for the paddling outing (Thank you).

Again this summer we had two Aluminium canoes stolen - the perpetrators cut through two Kryptonite U locks to do this and attempted to steal the trailer. They apparently came well prepared.

Once again the Paddle Manitoba board showed considerable support for these popular paddles with at least one board member attending most evening paddles. Paddle Manitoba also supported the La Salle River at La Barriere Park as a site for the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup in September. We picked up several large contractor bags of refuse left by others using the river.

See you on the river next summer...


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