No Boats, Lots of Water - 2014
Wednesday Evenings at La Barriere Park

This year evening paddles were cut back, at least in size and public engagement due to missing boats. Late last year several canoes were stolen meaning Paddle Manitoba could not provide equipment for outings, drop-in programs, community outreach or courses this year. This was unfortunate and a major disappointment for many occasional paddlers and community groups. Hopefully we can recover canoes and work on a more secure way to store equipment into the future. On a bright note Ray from Winnipeg Canoe Rentals started coming out to the park regularly and often had a large group out paddling. We are looking at getting more co-operative outings put together in the future.

Over the whole summer there were 21 evening paddles organized. These started officially the first week of May and continued through the last week of September. With an average of 5 people out each week (105) this was the lowest turnout since the start of evening paddles - but as we couldn't provide equipment still respectable.

The year started off cool and wet with temperatures hovering around 10-11 degrees for the first month. We finished with a glorious fall (well last week) that almost made up for the rest of the summer - the last week (September 24) was over 20 degrees, clear, with a brilliant sunset. The Bridge spent much of the summer underwater and there was a significant log pile up at the bridge and boat launch. All of the early outings went down stream.

Although we didn't participate in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up this year members did pick up many bags of cans, bottles, bags, and fishing detritus over the summer. Thanks to the ongoing efforts there will be less garbage floating into Lake Winnipeg this fall.

I took a month off to teach courses (and learn about Canoe Poling) on the east coast this summer. During this time Eric Gyselman, Sharon Touchette, Chris Randall pitched in to ensure evening paddles continued without a pause - Thank You! Alexandra Paul (Winnipeg Free came out and went for a paddle. She wrote an excellent piece that highlighted the park and evening paddles (

Once again the Paddle Manitoba board showed support for these popular paddles with a board member attending many evening paddles.

See you on the river next summer...


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