A Dry Summer - 2017
Wednesday Evenings at La Barriere Park

It was a great summer with beautiful weather (mostly) and great company. The water was high in May, covering the bridge for a week or so, but it fell over the summer. By the third week of September the level was the lowest I could remember - I have been paddling on the La Salle regularly since the 1970s). The level bounced up by almost half a meter for the last outing on September 27th due to plentiful rain over the prior weekend. We had twenty two weeks on the water with typically 4 or 5 people each week. Thanks to Eric and Paul for picking up weeks when I was away paddling on trips elsewhere in Canada (or this year in Europe).

Collage of images from the summer

Once again I would like to thank the Paddle Manitoba board for supporting these popular paddles and for the time they spent coming out..

See you on the river next summer


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