Intro Instructor Course
Intro Tandem and Solo Manoeuvre/Skills Summary
Paddling Skills covered in the Intro Courses.

This page provides a summary of paddling manoeuvres covered in an Intro Lake Solo or Tandem course. Refer to the Paddle Canada Lake Manual for a complete list of requirements in the Intro Lake Course. Intro Instructors should be able to consistently demonstrate these manoeuvres at an Intermediate level of skill. See the Paddle Canada Lake Manual or the criteria outlined on the Instructor Prep Overview page.

During a course the actual criteria may be modified to meet site limitations. On a small calm body of water, such as a narrow river, a 25m triangle or large circle may not be practical. Instructors may use their discretion with regard to manoeuvres that require the same skill and demonstrate the indented outcome (e.g. small to large arcs and straight line paddling with wide turns that follow the shape of the water body).

Intro Tandem Manoeuvre Check List (stern, bow)
TaskStern Bow
Forward paddling 50m with pivot & return at 25m (5m corridor, lt 45° yaw)   
Reverse paddling (backing up) 10m, pivot continue  
Wide turns through a triangular course (25m/side)
Circles - Not part of Tandem requirement, included as option with limited space
Pivot both directions   
Right* turn (continue) ~90° approach  
Left turn (continue) ~90° approach  
Right landing (controlled)  
Left landing (controlled)  
Stopping - assumed as required (controlled)  
Side Slip - assumed as required for launch/landing  
*Note: Right and Left have been used rather than inside/outside to be consistent with the current Lake Manual.
The paddling strokes and direction may be switched depending on the side each paddler is using

Intro Solo** Manoeuvre Check List
Forward paddling 50m with pivot & return at 25m (5m corridor, lt 45° yaw)  
Reverse paddling (backing up) 10m, pivot continue 
Pivot (assumed as forward/reverse require) 
Wide turns through a triangular course (25m/side) 
Outside Circles (3) ranging small to large 
Inside Circles (3) ranging small to large  
Inside (left) turn (continue) ~90° approach 
Outside (right) turn (continue) ~90° approach 
Inside (left) landing (controlled) 
Outside (right) landing (controlled) 
Side Slip with draw (3m) - as needed for launching/landing 
Stopping (controlled) 
**Note: Video clips used here are all done from a larger tandem canoe with constant heel, allowing for better water access and vertical paddle strokes.
Smaller 'solo' boats should be run level except when turning, or offside heel when side slipping.

Rescue skills (tandem and solo)
Canoe-over-canoe as rescuer 
Basic canoe tow 
Shore based Throw Bag use, and attachment to canoe 

Other (tandem and solo)
Understanding of momentum
   for solo include: initiation, tilt and hold (MITH)
Understanding of trim 
Appropriate treatment of equipment  
Safe paddling awareness  
Equipment selection knowledge
  Small Vessel regulations
  appropriate size (PFD/Paddle)

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