Dealing with Cold, Numb or Tingly Fingers,
or Sore Wrist or Forearm

When paddling you might experience cold hands, numb or tingly sensation in your fingers, or sore wrist or forearm. These sensations are often connected to irritation or inflammation of tendons and associated pressure on nerves. Not dealing with these issues can lead to long term injury.

I have several suggestions that may help (in order - easy/free to difficult/expensive).

If you experience associated weakness or chalky looking skin (white) this might be associated with Raynaud's syndrome. If the numb/tingly feeling becomes more chronic you may have symptoms of chronic tendinitis (e.g carpal tunnel syndrome). You should seek medical advice and occupational or physiotherapy.

A related article by Bob Foote may also be of interest: Tips and Techniques - Loosen Your Grip. In addition to the discussion above he mentions alternative grip for T handles, and locating your shaft hand for less stress on the wrist.

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