CAPSI-Taught Courses
This Web page is a resource for students in the following Regular Session Fall 2011 and Winter 2012 courses taught by Computer-Aided Personalized System of Instruction at the University of Manitoba:

PSYC 2440 Behaviour Modification Principles
PSYC 2450 Behaviour Modification Applications
PSYC 2470 Learning Foundations of Psychology
PSYC 2520 Orientations to Psychological Systems

Students are encouraged to check this page regularly during the school term for important news and course information.

September, 2011
Important Please make sure you have both the General Manual for all CAPSI courses (downloaded from this site) as well as your specific Course Manual/Syllabus (downloaded once you log in to CAPSI). You will need both manuals throughout the course. The general manual contains all necessary information about how the course system works. The course specific manual/syllabus contains all the study questions for your course text. Click on the "Manuals" tab to download the CAPSI general manual for free. Also please note that if you have taken courses by CAPSI in previous terms, you will want to read your specific course manual/syllabus carefully for any changes in the procedures.

Contact Information Mr. Gabriel Schnerch is your instructor this term, please make sure you check the contact/help site for updated contact information.

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1. From the menu bar, select Tools --> Internet Options. 2. On the General Tab, under Temporary Internet Files, click the Settings button. 3. For "Check for newer versions of stored pages", check "Automatically".