ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE within University of Manitoba:

Member of 25 Search Committees since 1997 for faculty positions, research chairs, head of the department, etc at the Departments of Mechanical and Mnaufacturing Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engienering, and Mathematics.
2007- Member of MME Department Executive Committee
2007- Member of Tenure/Promotion Core Committee, Faculty of Engineering
2007-2010 CSME Faculty Advisor
2003-2008 Member of MME Cirriculum Committee
2005-2007 Member of the committee to develop Biomedical Graduate Engineering Program, Faculty of Engineering
2004-2008 Member of NSERC Graduate Scholarship Committee, Faculty of Graduate Studies
2004 Mackenzie King Open and Travelling Scholarship Committee
2003-2008 Member of Engineering Endownment Fund Committee, Faculty of Engineering
2003-2004 Senate
2000-2001 Member of Undergraduate Award Committee, Faculty of Engineering
2000-2001 Member of Committee of Standing and Appeals
1998-2000 Member of Undergraduate Councillor Committee

Supervising the following design projects and theses that receive awards

C.P. Bennet Thesis Prize(Best undergraduate thesis for mechanical engineering students)
Passive Dynamic Bipedal Walking: Ramp-Treadmill Comparison and Gait Variation by Mr. Derek Koop
On Passive Dynamic Walking by Mr. Andrew Greaves and Mr. Ian Lohrenz
1999 Experimental Stress Analysis of a Circular Disc with a Radial Crack by the Method of Photoelasticity by Mr. Jason Doering
John Shewchuk Design Award 1999 Design of De-Nester for Ash Apiaries

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES outside the University

Professional committees

2010-2012 Member of evaluation committee of the NSERC Strategic Project Grants Program in Competitive Manufacturing

Member of Committee for Leaders Opportunity Fund ($1M-$2M), Canadian Foundation for Innovation

2010 Founding member of “Engineering Education and Engineerign Design in Canada”
2009-2011 NSERC Discovery Grant Selection Committee (Committee NO. 1053)
Chair, Organizing Committee of CSME Forum 2012
2006- Chair of Biomechanics Section of CSME, member of Board of Directors of CSME
2007 Member of Committee of 5-year Research and Development Strategic Plan for Riverview Health Centre, Winnipeg, MB

Reviewing research papers and grant applications

Journal Papers
IEEE Transactions on Man, System and Synbernetics, Parts B & C; Robotica; IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control; IEEE Transactions on Robotics; Journal of Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering; ASME Journal of Dynamic systems, Measurements and Control; International Journal on Mechatronics, CSMA Transactions; Journal of the Franklin Institute, Engineering and Applied Mathematics; International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems; International Journal of Robotics and Automation, and International Journal, Control and Intelligent Systems
Confernce papers American Control Conference; ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exhibition; the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control; IEEE International Conference on Control Applications; IEEE Conference on Decision and Control & European Control Conference; IEEE Conference on Decision and Control; IFAC Symposium on System, Structure and Control and IASTED Conference on Control Application
Grants ISTPP Collaborative R&D Projects; NSERC Health Collaborative Research Program; External reviewer for Research Award Program of City University, New York; Sultan Qaboos University, Postgraduate Studies and Research.

Chairing sessions or to organize workshops for the following conferences

Co-chair of Symposium of Biomechanics and Bioengineering, CSME Forum 2010.
Member of the Internationa Program Committeethe of IASTED International Conference on Control and Applications
Session organizer of Session (DSC-4 C Mechatronics III), ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition; 3rd International Conference on Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Systems and Applications; Member of the Program committee of the workshop “communication between Human and Artificial Agents ”, The 2006 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology ( IAT-06 ) (Control Technologies and Applications I); Chair/co-chair of sessions for American Control Conference (Biped Walking and Kinematic Chains and Modeling and Control with Environmental Disturbances, Stabily of Nonlinear Systems) and Annual Conference for Society of Experimental Mechanics.

COMMUNITY (non-professional) SERVICE:

Board member of Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and Chair of the Audience Development Committee
Volunteered in multiple fund raising events for Manitoba Children's Museum
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