Chuang Research Group
Materials Modeling and Simulation
Chuang Deng

Assistant Professor

B.S. (Fudan University),Ph.D. (The University of Vermont)


Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

University of Manitoba 
Winnipeg, MB, R3T 5V6 


Office: E1-486, EITC

TEL:    (204) 272-1662




The group has one opening for PhD or MSc student starting from May 2014 or Semptember 2014 Students with strong interests in the transportation and mechanical properties in nanostructured materials (e.g.,nanocrystalline materials, nanowires, and nanocomposites), atomistic simulations (e.g., molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo simulations, and Ab inito simulations), and nanomechanical tests (e.g., nanoindentation) are encouraged to contact Prof. Deng at: