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Curriculum Vitae

Citizenship - Canadian

Mount Allison University 1967 B.Sc. (Hon), Mathematics
Oxford University 1969 M.A., Politics, Philosophy, Economics
University of Toronto 1972 Ph.D., Political Economy

Selected Academic Awards and Scholarships
Mount Allison Federated Alumni Scholarship, 1963-67
World University Service of Canada International Study (Turkey 1966)
Prize for highest standing graduate in Mathematics, Mount Allison, 1967
Rhodes Scholarship (New Brunswick and Exeter, Oxford), 1967-69
Mary H. Beatty Open Fellowship, University of Toronto, 1969
Junior Fellow, Massey College, Toronto, 1969-72
Canada Council Doctoral Fellowship, 1969-72

Present Position
Professor of Economics, Faculty of Arts, University of Manitoba
Professor, Centre for Higher Education Research and Development

Senior Fellow, St. John's College, University of Manitoba
Research Affiliate, Prairie Metropolis Centre, U of Alberta

Selected Offices and Memberships
Member, Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committees, 1972-2005
Secretary, Rhodes Scholarship Trust, Manitoba & Prairie Region, 1983-1992
President, Secretary-Treasurer, St. John's College Faculty Association, 1982, 1981
Member, Rh Research Awards Selection Committee, 1984-85
Member of Senate, (Executive) University of Manitoba, 1985-88 (86-88)
Member of Assembly Executive, (Chair), St. John's College, 1985-88, 96-97, (1994-95)
Member, Advisory Board, Institute of Urban Studies, 1986-87
Consulting Associate, UMR Ltd., Social Sciences Division, 1987-88
Vice President, Winnipeg Chinatown Housing Corporation, 1987-1993
Secretary /Director/Advisor, Winnipeg Chinese Cultural & Community Centre, 1988-2004
Member, Editorial Board, MOSAIC, Journal for Interdisciplinary Study of Literature, 1989-2004
Member, Advisory Committee on Social Conditions, Statistics Canada, 1987-00
Member, National Statistics Council, 1990-present
Member, Management Board, Institute for Humanities, 1990-91
Member, Consultative Committee on Social Policy, National Health and Welfare, 1991-94
Member, Editorial Board, Canadian Journal of Urban Research, 1991-1996
Member, National Jury Panel, SSHRCC, 1994, 1996
Consulting Associate, Prairie Research Associates Inc, (PRA), 1998-
Research Affiliate, Centre on Aging, 1999-2004

Professional Recognition
Rh Institute Award, 1986

The Rh Institute Award is awarded in competition upon nomination of candidates by colleagues. Awards are made for five designated areas, science, medicine, humanities, social science, and interdisciplinary studies. The Award comprises a cash grant and release time from teaching.

"For Outstanding Contributions to Scholarship and Research in the Social Sciences Category"

Previous Position

Research Director, MINCOME MANITOBA, 1975-79

MINCOME MANITOBA was a multi-million, multi-year project jointly funded by Canada and Manitoba designed to evaluate the economic and administrative consequences of a guaranteed annual income system. The focus of the project was on the work responses of families and individuals to a negative income tax plan. Also of interest were administrative costs and delivery mechanisms.

The Research Director is a senior executive position, having responsibility for the overall direction of an interdisciplinary research staff, interacting with the payments system, sur-veys division, data processing, and government representatives. In addition to provid-ing research leadership, the Research Director administers a substantial budget, moni-tors work plans, and directly supervises a staff of about fifteen professionals.

The Research Director is a member of the Executive Committee which oversees the internal operations of the project and also a member of the Research Work Group, a joint committee of government officials and researchers which monitors the project on behalf of the Canadian and Manitoban governments.

Supervisory and Managerial Experience
Experience in supervising and directing research personnel at all levels, including an interdisciplinary professional staff of economists, sociologists, statisticians, administrative researchers, and consultants. Duties include designing, co-ordinating, and implementing approximately thirty distinct research projects.

Experience in conducting experimental and survey designs, supervising and monitoring field surveys and quality control of data, including cross-sectional and panel designs.

Experience in drafting and administering financial budgets, allocation of staff, and liaison with government, business and university officials.

Research and Other Experience
Experience in pure and applied research, including money and banking, international trade and finance, policy and evaluation research, quantitative methods and program delivery designs.

Experience with city planning issues and analysis of urban problems, including housing, airports, social planning problems, etc.

Extensive and varied experience in public speaking, writing, lecturing and radio broadcasting.

Wide variety of research and management consultation experience under grants, contracts, and fee for service basis with universities, private industry and independent agencies. Clients and sponsors include: Ministry of State for Urban Affairs (Ottawa), Transport Canada (Ottawa), The Canada Council, Health and Welfare Canada (Ottawa), Manitoba Industry and Commerce, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Social Planning Council of Winnipeg, Legal Aid Manitoba, Economic Council of Canada, Ontario Economic Council, C. D. Howe Research Institute, Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa), Employment and Immigration Canada, Institute for Social and Economic Research, Labour Canada, Ontario Rehabilitation and Work Council, Statistics Canada, Fraser Institute, Institute for Research on Public Policy, Agriculture Canada, Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, Caledon Institute, Policy research Initiative of the Privy Council, Social Research and Demonstration Corporation.

Teaching Experience, University Level Courses
Introduction to Economic Principles, first-year level
Intermediate Microeconomics, second-year level
Intermediate Honours Theory, second-year level
Intermediate Macroeconomics, second-year level
International Trade and Finance, third-year level
Canadian Economic Problems, second/third-year level
Social Welfare and Human Resources, second/third-year level
Labour Economics, third-year level
Money and Banking, third-year level
Workshop on the Canadian Economy, fourth-year level
Modern Value Theory, fourth-year level
Advanced Microeconomic Theory, graduate level
Advanced Topics in Theory, graduate level
Managerial Economics, MBA program

Teaching Experience, Professional Development Courses
Macroeconomics - Institute of Canadian Bankers Fellow's Program
Urban Land Economics - Real Estate Institute Fellow's Program
Survey Research Workshop - Institute for Social and Economic Research

A wide variety of publications including books, articles in national and international scholarly journals, book reviews, chapters in edited volumes, technical monographs, government reports, evaluation studies, and conference proceedings.

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