PLNT4610/PLNT7690 Bioinformatics Assignments - 2023

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 Handed out  Due
Assignment 1 - Comparative Genomics Sept. 26
Oct.  10
Assignment 2 -Genome Organization Oct. 12
Oct. 31
Assignment 3 - Databases Nov. 9
Nov. 23
Assignment 4 - Genome Assembly Nov. 21
Dec. 9
Assignments shown above in grey should be considered tentative, with respect to topic and dates. These will be finalized as the course progresses. Unshaded assignments are the final versions.

This schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor and/or based on the learning needs of the students but such changes are subject to Section 2.8 of the ROASS- Procedure.

Note on Academic Integrity with regard to Assignments

It is expected that materials submitted by a student in completion of an assignment are the independent and original work of that student.

It will be considered a violation of University policies on academic integrity for a student to:
  • copy or paraphrase all or part of the work of other students, including documents, or files containing data, output, programs or graphics created by other students as part of any assignment
  • present the ideas of other students as their own
  • present ideas, documents, data, output, programs or graphics from external sources as their own, without citation of the external source
It is critical that you be able to document your work. No credit will be given for results that are presented without any evidence of how the results were obtained. For example, it would be evidence of plagiarism to hand in results along with a program, script or spreadsheet that could not possibly have generated the results presented.

Students who have questions regarding clarification of the particulars of an assignment (eg. what is to be handed in, the meaning of an instruction, how to use a particular program) should contact the instructor. However, the instructor will not do the assignment for you. That is, it is not acceptible to converge upon the answer by returning repeatedly to the instructor with questions such as "Is this the answer?" until you eventually arrive at the correct answer. The assignment is meant to be an assesment of your ability to solve a problem systematically, using the skills taught in class.

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