ECE 4390 Engineering Computations 4E

This page contains information related to ECE4390 Engineering Computations - Fall 2011.

Last Update: December 11, 2010.

Lecture: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:30-1:45, Rm. E2-350 (EITC)

Laboratories: (2:30 - 5:30 p.m. in Rm. E3-516)

Course Outline, Slides, Notes, Readings

  1. Course Outline
  2. Computational circuit analysis
    Read Vlach and Singhal [Chap 3] [Chap 4]
    Notes on Chapt. 3 of Vlach and Singhal [Notes 1]
    Notes on Chapt. 4 of Vlach and Singhal [Notes 2]
    Example of using MNA by hand and using Stamps [Notes 3]
    Integrating ODEs, Truncation Error, Order of Integration, and Stability [Notes 4]
  3. Finite Differences for Transmission Lines [Notes 5]
  4. Finite Differences for the Laplace and Poisson Equations [Notes 6]
    Read Section 3.5 in Sadiku.
    Pseudo Code for the Successive-Overrelaxation Method [SOR Pseudo]
  5. Introduction to FEM [Notes 7]
    Assembling the FEM matrix [Notes 8]
    FEM for Poisson and Helmholtz [Notes 8a]
    Read Chapter 6 in Sadiku [PDF]
  6. FDTD for Electromagnetics [Notes 9]
    Yee's Original paper [Paper]
    Transient Plane Waves [Notes 10]
    Scattered Field Formulation of EM Problems [Notes 11]
  7. Absorbing Boundary Conditions [Notes 12]
    Mur's ABCs [Paper]
  8. Method of Moments
    Pages from harrington's Book [PDF]
  9. Optimization
    Functions of several variables [Slides]
    Conjugate Directions [Slides]
    Steepest-Descent and Conjugate Gradient [Slides]

Practice Problems (from our textbook)

  1. Try the problems at the end of Chapter 3 of Vlach and Singhal.
  2. Try Q6.1-4 in Sadiku.

Laboratories and Tutorials

  1. Tutorial 1 (September 14)
    [Lab][Gmsh file]
  2. Laboratory 2 (September 28)
    [Lab][Matlab Files]
  3. Laboratory 3 (October 19)
    [Lab] [Example Matlab File][Guidelines for Write-up]
  4. Laboratory 4 (November 2)
    [Lab] [Zipped Files]
  5. Laboratory 5 (November 16)
    [Lab 5]
  6. Laboratory 6 (November 30)
    [Tutorial Problems]
  7. Answers to lab Quizzes [PDF]

Final Exam

Recommended Reference Book


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