Yunhua Luo, PhD, Professor, P.Eng.

     E-mail: Yunhua.Luo@umanitoba.ca

     Phone: 1 204 474 6899




PhD positions available: (Posted on 2019-04-24)


There are a number of PhD positions immediately available in the group.

·       Multiscale modeling, imaging and testing of bones (2 positions)

·       Finite element modeling of heterogeneous and anisotropic materials (2 positions)


High-quality applicants are encouraged to submit the following documents to the attention of Dr. Y. Luo.


1)     Full CV.

2)     BSc and MSc transcripts.

3)     One representative publication (favorably a journal paper).

4)     A two-page research proposal relevant to the above two projects.


Note: Only applicants who have high quality and are willing to dedicate to computational and experimental biomechanics will be considered.




Current Members (ME – Mechanical Eng.; BME – Biomedical Eng.)


·      Ali Asgari (ME MSc)

·      Anastasia Tas (BME PhD)

·      Avwerosuo Amromanoh (ME MSc)

·      Chukwudi Ubaka (ME MSc)

·      Wanshi Yu (ME MSc)

·      Yijian Liu (ME PhD)


Previous Members

·      Adam Ghoneim (PDF)

·      Chun-Nan Wu (Undergraduate thesis)

·      Eniyavan Subramanian (MSc)

·      Franklin Ogidi (Biosystems, BSc)

·      Guillaume Barral (ME MSc, exchange student from Spain)

·      Hongxi Chen (MSc)

·      Hossein Kheirollahi (MSc)

·      Huijuan Yang (MSc)

·      Ida Khosravipour (MSc)

·      Kevin Chody (Undergraduate thesis)

·      Kevin Y. Zhang (Summer student)

·      Masoud Nasiri (PhD)

·      Md Tanvir Faisal (PDF)

·      Pei Zhang (Undergraduate thesis)

·      Sarah Fay (ME Undergraduate)

·      Sean O'Brien (MSC, PhD)

·      Sharif Ahmed (MSc)

·      Shuman Yang (PDF)

·      Siamak Kazembakhshi (MSc)

·      Yichen Zhang (MSc) 

·      Yujia Long (MSc)

·      Zannatul Ferdous (MSC)

·      Zhaoxia Li (MSc)

·      Zhaoyang Liang (MSc)




 Address: E1-444, E1-437, E1-409 EITC, 75A Chancellor’s Circle, Winnipeg, MB R3T 5V6, Canada