All The King's Men is a male-voice liturgical choir, associated with the College Chapel of St. John the Evangelist at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Founded as an independent choir in 1997, the ensemble initially travelled to parishes within Winnipeg and beyond, introducing congregations to the rich tradition of Latin and English choral music for men's voices within the context of the Anglican services of Evensong and Compline. To date, the choir has sung for Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian and Evangelical congregations. After a period of singing regularly at St. John's College, the choir was invited to form an official association with the College Chapel in 2000. The choir has been affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music since 1997.

All The King's Men boasts a membership of 18 singers drawn from a variety of denominational backgrounds. The choir rehearses weekly and sings Choral Evensong at St. John's College on the first Sunday of each month from October through June. Regular special services include a Tenebrae in Holy Week, an Advent Evensong and two feast-day Eucharists during the academic year. The choir continues to accept invitations to sing at outlying churches.

The choir maintains an active repertoire of service music ranging from Gregorian and Sarum plainsong to part music written for the choir in recent months. Composers represented in the choir's repertoire include Palestrina, Lassus, Byrd, Tallis, Stone, Gibbons, Batten, Monteverdi, Tomkins, Locke, Stainer, Sullivan, Stravinsky, Simon Lenassi, Paul Edwards and Lawrence Ritchey.

The choir at Worcester Cathedral (August 2019).

The choir in the nave at Salisbury Cathedral (July 2017).

The choir in the chapel cloister at St. John's College with Gordon Appleton and Rev. John Stafford (26th May 2013).

The choir in the sanctuary at Southwark Cathedral (22nd July 2008).

The choir in the presbytery at Norwich Cathedral (20th July 2008).

The choir rehearsing for the Advent Evensong in December 2006 (Photo Credit: Boris Minkevich/Winnipeg Free Press, Dec. 3, 2006, reproduced with permission).

The choir in front of the Great Screen at Winchester Cathedral (15th August 2004).

The choir in the Chapel at St. John's College (6th June 2004).

The choir with Rev. G. Woodcroft (Chaplain, St. John's College) in the Chapel at St. John's College (6th April 2003).

The choir with Rev. G. Woodcroft (Chaplain, St. John's College) and organist Don Grice next to the Chapel at St. John's College (June 2001).