bioLegato Online Help

Selecting Data

Data can be selected in either the Name pane or the sequence pane. The cursor must be in the name pane to select names, or in the sequence pane to select sequences.

Name pane

single name
click on name
group of contiguous names
1. click on topmost name
2. Hold Shift Key
3. click on bottom-most name
group of discontiguous names
Selection of individual sequences can be toggled by holding the Control key (Mac OSX - use Command key) and clicking on names. Each click toggles selection on or off.
all names
Edit -- > Select all
select by name
Edit --> Select by name
The search will select any name that matches the search string. For example, search string "EF" might select EF194158 and EF423802. Note that each time Select by name is run, names previously-selected remain selected. For example, two consecutive searches for EF and DQ might select all of EF194158, EF423802, DQ19152 and DQ191751.
group selection
Where a group has been defined (see Groups), you can select the entire group by either
  • double-clicking on any member of the group
  • selecting any member of the group, and choosing Edit --> Select group
Sequence pane

select a rectangular block of sequence within the current sequence pane

drag a rectangular area of text and release mouse button

select a rectangular block of sequence that spans a large region, beyond the current sequence pane
1. Begin selection: Drag a block of sequence
2. Scroll to the end of the block you wish to select
3. Finish selection: Hold down Shift key and Click at righ-most point of selection