The new Sociolinguistics Lab at the University of Manitoba (SLUM) is located in Isbister 125. This is a place for students of mine or of Dr Veronica Loureiro-Rodriguez to work. It is furnished with three workstations, each with an iMac with Microsoft Office, Praat, Elan, RStudio, headphones, and server access to several corpora including: the ongoing LIPP corpus, the Southern Alberta Corpus of English (SACE, 2010-2012), two small corpora collected in 2009: Manitoba Francophones and  St Laurent Mitchif French speakers, the Michif Dictionary holdings, and Sandrine Hallion's French Immersion student corpus (2002) as well as her Manitoba Francophone corpus (2008-2010). There is also a table for students to bring their own laptops to work from.

Lab Activities

Students associated with the lab will be expected to attend regular lab meetings. Any upcoming events or talks will be posted here.