The following is a computerized list of suggested Freer populations throughout the world.

WARNING: This is only an approximation. I know there are errors in the calculations for both Canada and the U.S.A. and suspect that there are others. The numbers do not even agree with the list of Freers that they place at the back of the book. So use it for what it is worth. (Information is from Freer Heirloom Edition: The Freers since 1750 - , Halbert's Family Heritage 1998: pp. 6.6 & 6.3)

Note: These statistics leave out many States including Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Alaska, Illinois, etc. where there are known Freer Families. Hey, they even left me out!! and of course I'm number 1 in my Stats.!! I'm rather hard to miss when I'm the only one in Manitoba! I list these figures simply so one can have a "rough estimate". (comment by Stan Freer)

Where Other Freers Live in the World Today

Using a highly sophisticated network of computer resources in Europe, North America, Australasia and Africa, over 160 million name and address records have been searched to locate Freer households worldwide. The various sources of these records include electoral rolls, telephone and city directories, and numerous public surname fists. This unique and extensive research makes the following detailed statistical information possible.

Total Freer Households Identified

United States 1,327

Great Britain 1,170

Australia 327

Canada 169

Germany 59

Ireland 54

New Zealand 33

South Africa 32

Italy 4

Northern Ireland 2

Netherlands 2

Isle of Man 2

France 1

Channel Islands 1

The information below was scanned in so some numbers and words are not clear. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am working on improving this part of the page. (Stan Freer)

Further Statistical Information about Freers

Our (meaning Halbert's Family Heritage) research about the Freer household statistics and populations are summarized below. Undoubtedly, having this information will help in locating Freer namesakes and assist in your own Freer research, as well as make for a greater understanding of where Freers are in the world today.

add Manitoba - 1 (ME!) to the above figures (added by Stan Freer)

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