Ormonde Pedigree

(From Burke’s Peerage Baronetage and Knightage, 103 edition, 1962 pp. 1871-1874)


The 6th Marquess of Ormonde (James) Arthur Norman Butler, C.V.O., M.C.), Earl of Ormonde and Ossory, and Viscount Thurles, of Thurles, co. Tipperary, in Ireland; Baron Ormonde, of Llanthony, co. Monmouth, in the United Kingdom, educ. Harrow, and R.M.C. , D.L. (1952-55) Kent, High Steward of Wokingham from 1956, Lt.-Col. late 17/21st Lancers, served in World War I 1914 M.C. 1918), and in World War II 1940-45, one of H.M.’s ,Body Guard of Hon. Corps. of Gentlemen.at-Arms, from l936 (Clerk of the Cheque and Adjt. 1953, Lieut. 1957),

created C.V.O. 1960, 30th Hereditary Chief Butler of Ireland; b. 25 April, 1893; s. his brother as 6th Marquess 1949; m. 26 Jan. 1924, •Jessie Carlos, yst. dau. of late Charles Carlos Clarke, of Sunninghill, Berks (see BURKE'S L.G. of Irel and), and has issue,

1-Jane served in World War II in W.R.N.S. (2. Ralston Street,

SW.3; Royal Ocean Racing, and Surrey Flying Clubs), b. 9 Jan.

1925, m. 12 Oct. 1945 (m. diss. by div. 1952) Lieut. Peter Heaton

R.N.V.R. only son of late Stuart Heaton of The Old Cottage

Aldeburgh, Suffolk and has issue,

Mark Stuart Arthur b. 17 May 1948.

2 • Martha, b. 14 Jan. 1920- m. 14 Sept. 1950 Capt. Ashley Charles Gibbs Ponsonby M.C. late Coldstream Guards only son of Col. Sir Charles Edward Ponsonby 1st Bt. T.D. M.P. and has issue.

Lineage—The history of the illustrous house of BUTLER of ORMONDE, is in point of fact, the history of Ireland from the time of the Anglo-Norman Invasion. At the head of the great nobility of that country have ever stood the BUTLERS and t he GERALDINES rivals in power and equals in renown. For ages their story fills the pages of the Irish annals, from the advent of Theobald Fitz-Walter, in the reign of HENRY II, down to the death of James 2nd Duke of Ormonde at Avignon, in 1745. The surn ame, BUTLER, originated in the Chief Butlerage of Ireland conferred by HENRY II upon the first of the family who settled in that kingdom.

The direct paternal ancestor of the present Baron is traceable to HERVEY who is identified in the Testa de Nevill and in the time of HENRY I held estates in Norfolk Suffolk and Lancs. (He is believed have been 2nd son of Walter son of a Walte r of Domesday Book, son or brother of the Willliam Malet who after the Battle of Hastings was entrusted by the Conqueror wlth the burial of King Harold). ”The Complete Peerage” suggests that he m. a sister of Gilbert the father of St. Thomas B ecket, Archbishop of Canterbury, with whose family the house of Butler is reputedly connected. HERVEY was s. by his eldest son,

HERVEY WALTER or HERVEUS WALTERI, was heir to Hubert Walteri, who is mentioned in the Sheriff’s accounts for cos. Norfolk and Suffolk, 3 HENRY II, 1156. He m. Matilda., dau. and ( with her sister Bertha, wife of Ranulph de Glanville), co-heiress of Theobald de Valoines, Lord of Parham, Suffolk, and had four sons.

1. THEOBALD, ancestor of the House of Ormonde, of whom presently.

2. HURERT, Archbishop of Canterbury 1193 Chief Justice and Gov. of the Kingdom during the absence of RICHARD I • Chancellor of England 1199; Pope’s Legate in the reign of KING JOHN; d. at his manor ofTeynham, 1205.

3. Roger, witness to the Charter of Buthley.

4. Hamo, also witness to the same charter.

Hervey Walter who d. before 1190 granted a charter of lands in

Wingfield, Suffolk, to the Church of St. Mary, Buthley which charter was confirmed by his son

THEOBALD FITZWALTER, who accompanied HENRY II into Ireland and was appointed HEREDITARY CHIEF BUTLER of Ireland by 1185, a dignity which comprised the status of a baron; Sheriff of Lancashire 1194-99 and Justice Itinerant, 1197. Theobald Walter hav ing returned to England, afterwards accompanied PRINCE JOHN into Ireland 1185. He was possessed of the baronies of Upper Ormond, Lower Ormond, and numerous other territories in England and Ireland. He founded the Abbeys of Cockersand, Nenagh and Wothen ly and the Monastery of Arklow. He m. ca. 1199, Maud (who m. 2ndly, 1208, Fulke Fitz-Warine), dau. of Robert le Vavasour, and grand-dau. of William le Vavasour Justiciary of England, and had issue,

THEOBALD, his heir.

Maud, m. Geoffrey de Prendergast, Lord of Enniscorthy and the Duffrey, co. Wexford.

Theobald Walter d. ante 4 April, 1206, and was s. by his only son,

THEOBALD, 2nd Butler, who first assumed the name of LE BOTILER or Butler 1221; b. 1199/1200, served with the Earl of Pembroke 1223 and in the Gascon Campaign 1229; m. lstly, Joan, eldest sister and co-heir of Geoffrey de Marreis, Justiciar of Ireland ( to whose estates in that kingdom and in England, his posterity succeeded), by whom he had a son,

1. THEOBALD, his heir.

He m. 2ndly, at the special request of the King, 1225, Rohesia, dau. and heiress of Nicholas de Verdon, by whom he had, with other issue,

2. John DE VERDON, who, succeedlng to his mother’s lands, retained

her surname, and was ancestor of the Lords Verdon (see BURKE’S

Extinct and Dormant Peerage).

He d. 19 July, 1230, and was s. by his eldest son,

THEOBALD, 3rd Butler, adhered to HENRY III in the war with the Barons; b. ca.. 1216, m. ca. 1242 Margery, eldest dau. of Richard de Burgo, Lord Deputy of Ireland (ancestor of the Lords Clanricarde), by whom he acquired a considerable acce ssion of landed property, and d. 1248 having had a son,

THEOBALD, his heir.

He d. 1248, and was s. by his only son,

THEOBOLD, 4th Butler, b. ca. 1242, sat as a Baron in the Parliament of Ireland, fought in the Evesham Campaign, and assisted EDWARD I in his wars In Scotland. He m. Joan (d. 1303), 4th dau. of John Fitz-Geoffry, Lord of Kirtling and Baron of Berkham pstead, Lord Justice of Scotland, and yst. son of the famous Geoffry Fitz-Piers, Earl of Essex, Lord Justiciary of England, and d. 26 Sept. 1285 having had had, with other issue,

1 THEOBALD, his heir.

2 EDMUND, heir to his brother.

3. Thomas, b. ca. 1271, had a grant of the Manor of Castle Grace from his brother, knighted before 1314, summoned to Parliament as a peer undertltle of Lord of Dunboyne, 1324, and and was ancestor of the BARONS DUNBOYNE. He m. 1308, Sy nolda Le Petit, Lady of Dunboyne and Molyngou.

4. John, who was father of Paul, of Toberwolick in 1333, called from him Paulstown.

Lord Theobald, d. 26 Sept. 1285, and was s. By his eldest son

THEOBALD, 5th Butler, b. 22 Feb. 1268/9, who sat in Irish Parliament as a Baron (1295) his name appearing 5th upon the roll; accompanied EDWARD I to Scotland when Coronation Stone was captured by the English. He d. unm. 14 May, 1299, and was s. in his Barony and estates by his brother.

Edmond, 6th Butler. This feudal Lord received the honour of Knighthood in London 1309. In 1312 he was apptd. Lord Deputy of Ireland; in 1314, Chief Gov., under the title of Lord Justice; and created Earl of Carrik, 1 Sept. l315 m. 1302, L ady Joan FitzGerald, dau. of 1st Earl of Kildare, and d. 13 Sept. 1321, had issue, with another son,

1. JAMES, his successor.

2. John, ancestor of the VISCOUNTS IKERRIN, and by creation in 1748,


1. Joan m. 1321, Roger Mortimer, 2nd son of 1st Earl of March. The Earl went on a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. James of Compostella in Spain, and d. after his return to London, 13 Sept. 1321, when he was s. by his eldest son,

JAMES, 1st Earl of Ormonde, and 7th Butler, a minor at the decease of his father, but obtained licence four years later, for the sum of 2,000 marks, to marry whomsoever he pleased; he accordingly m. 1327, Lady Eleanor de Bohun (who m. 2ndly, 1343, Thomas, Lord Dagworth, who was k. in Brittany 1359), 2nd dau. of Humphrey, Earl of Hereford and Essex, High Constable of England, by the Princess ELIZABETH PLANTAGENET, his wife, dau. of EDWARD I, and was created, in consequence of this alliance, by EDWARD III, 2 Nov. 1328, Earl of Ormonde. His Lordship had a renewed grant of the prisage of vines (which had been resumed by the crown), and a Brant of the regalities, liberties, &c., of co. Tipperary, with the right of a Pa latine in that co. for life. He had issue,

JAMES, 2nd Earl.

Petronilla, m. 3rd Lord Talbot, and d. 1387, leaving issue (see


The Earl d. 6 Jan. 1337, and was s. by his only son,

JAMES 2nd Earl of Ormonde, called The Noble Earl, on account of being great-grandson of EDWARD I. In 1359, 1364, and 1376, his Lordship was apptd. Lord Justice of Ireland; he m. Elizabeth (who m. 2ndly, Sir Robert Herford), dau. of Sir John Darey, Kt., of Platten, co. Meath. Lord Justice of Ireland, and had, with other issue,

JAMES, 3rd Earl.

The Earl d. 18 Oct. 1382, and was s. by his elder son,

JAMES, 3rd Earl of Ormonde, who, having built the castle of Gowran and made it his usual residence, was commonly called Earl of Gowran. His Lordship purchased by deeds dated 4th and 12th Sept. 1391; from the heirs of Sir Hugh le Despencer , Earl of Gloucester, the CASTLE OF KILKENNY (an edifice erected in the beginning of the 13th century, by Willam, Earl Marshal, which he He then made his place of abode, and which has ever since been the chief family residence). In 1392, his Lords hip was apptd. Lord Justice of Ireland. He m. Anne, dau. of 6th Lord Welles, and had issue,

1. JAMES, 4th Earl.

2. Richard (Sir), Kt. of Paulstown, co. Kilkenny, m. Catherine dau. of Gildas O'Reilly, Lord of East Breffny, co. Cavan, and had a son,

Edmund (Sir), Kt., m. Katherine, dau. of Maolrony O'Carroll surnamed Barbatus, and d. 13 June, 1464, leaving three sons, of whom

James (Sir), Kt., m. Sabh, dau. of Donel Reagh Mac-Morrogh Kavanagh, Lord of Ferus, co. Wexford, and d. 16 April, 1467, leaving a son,

PIERS, 8th Earl of Ormonde.

3. Edmund, m. Catherine, dau. of Robert Forstall, and had a son,

Walter, m. Joan Butler, and was ancestor of BUTLER, Bt., of

Polestown (extinct)

The Earl d. 6 Sept. 1405, and was s. by his elder son,

JAMES, 4th Earl of Ormonde, who was called The White Earl, and esteemed for his learning. His Lordship prevailed upon HENRY V to create a King of Arms in Ireland, by the title of Ireland King of Arms (altered by EDWARD VI to Ulster King of Arms), and he gave lands forever to the Heralds’ College, London. He was apptd. Deputy of Ireland 1405, and Lord Lieut. 1420, 1425, and 1442.

In 1440 he had a grant of the temporalities of the See of Cashel for ten years after the death of the Archbishop, Richard O’Hedian. His Lordship m. lstly Elizabeth Beauchamp, dau. of William, Lord Bergavenny, K.G., and had issue,

1. JAMES, 5th Earl.

2. JOHN, 6tb Earl.

3. THOMAS, 7th Earl.

1. Ellzabeth, m. 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford, K.G., and d. 1473, leaving issue.

The Earl m. 2ndly, Lady Joan FitzGerald (d.s,p. Julv, 1452), widow of Jenico Grey, and dau. and heiress of 5th Earl of Kildare, and d. 22 Aug. 1452, when he was s. by his eldest son,

JAMES, 5th Earl of Ormonde, K.G., created by HENRY VI, 8 July, 1449, for his fidelity to the Lancastrian interest, Earl of Wiltshire, in the Peerage of England. In 1451 he was made Lord Deputy of lreland ; and the next yenr, succeeding hi s father in the title of ORMONDE was appointed Lord Lieut. for ten years. In 1454, hewas constituted LORD HIGH TREASURER 0F ENGLAND and made a Kt. of the Garter 1459. He was b. 24 Nov. 1420, m. 1stly, Amicia (d.s.p. 3 June, 1457), dau . and heiress of Sir Richard Stafford. He m. 2ndly, Lady Eleanor Beaufort (who m. 2ndly, Sir Robert Spencer) dau. of Edmund, Duke of Somerset, K.G., but had no issue by her. Falling into the hands of the Yorkists, after the battle of Towton, his Lordship was beheaded at Newcastle, 1 May, 146l, when the Earldom of Wiltshire expired.

JOHN 6th Earl of Ormonde, who was restored to the Earldom by EDWARD IV, aftcr having been attainted for his part in the battle of Towton. He was considered one of first gentlemen of the age in which he lived; and EDWARD IV is reported to hav e said , “that if good breeding and liberal qualities were lost in the world, they might be all found in the Earl of Ormonde.” He was complete master of the languages of Europe, and was sent as ambassador to its principal courts. He d. unm. 1478, in the Holy Land, having, in a fit of devotion, made a visit to Jerusalem, and was s. by his brother,

THOMAS, 7th Earl of Ormonde, P.C., who was also attainted, but restored by HENRY VII’ s first Parliament, Nov. 1485, and the statutes made at Westminster, 1 EDWARD IV, which declared him and his brothers traitors, were utterly abrogated. He was afterwards sworn of the Privy Council of England, and had summons to Parliament, 14 Nov. 1495, as "Thomas Ormond de Rochford.” He m. 1stly, Anne, dau. and heiress of Sir Richard Hankford, Kt. by Lady Anne Montacute, his wife, dau . of 3rd Earl of Salisbury), and had two daus. and co-heiresses, who inherited the English estates,

1. ANNE, m. Sir James St. Leger, Kt., of Shipton, and had a son and heir, SIR GEORGE ST. LEGER, of Annery.

2. MARGARET, m. Sir William Boleyn, Kt., of Blickling, co. Norfolk, K.B., by whom she had, THOMAS (Sir), K.G., who was created 18 June, 1525, Viscount Rochford, and, 8 Dec. 1529, Earl of Wiltshire in the Peerage of England. In 1527 he had been m ade Earl of Ormonde in the Peerage of Ireland. His Lordship m. Lady Elizabeth Howard, dau. of 2nd Duke of Norfolk, and had issue

1. GEORGE BOLEYN, Lord Rochford, beheaded 17 May, 1536.

1. ANNE BOLEYN, m. 25 Jan. 1532, HENRY VIII. and was beheaded May, 1536, leaving an only dau., QUEEN ELIZABETH, who ascended the British throne.

2. Mary Boleyn, m. William Cary, Esquire of the Body to HENRY VIII, and had a son and heir, WILLIAM, Lord Hunstlon, K.G.

The Earl m. 2ndly, Lora, dau. of Sir Edward Berkeley, Kt., of Beverton Castle, co. Gloucester, and widow of 3rd Lord Mountjoy and by her had another dau. d. unm. The Earl d. 3 Aug. 1515 and the Peerage passed to his kinsman,

PIERS, 8th Earl of Ormonde (refer to 2nd son of 3rd Earl), but this nobleman was obliged to relinquish the Earldom to Thomas Viscount Rochford (see descendants of 7th Earl). In consideration of this abandonmcnt, however, Sir Pierce was created b y HENRY VIII, 23 Feb. 1527, Earl of Ossory. Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Ormonde d.s.p.m. 1537, and the King restored the Earl of Ossory to his original title of Ormonde. He m. Lady Margaret FitzGerald, 2nd dau.

8th Earl of Kildare, KG., and had, with other issue,

1. JAMES. 9th Earl.

2. RlCHARD, created 23 Oct. 1550, VISCOUNT MOUNTGARRET.

The Earl d. 26 Aug. 1539, and was s. by his eldest son,

JAMES, 9th Earl of Ormonde, and 2nd Earl of Ossory, who had been created, 1535, Viscount Thurles, and was confirmed by Act of Parliament, 6 Nov. 1541, in the Earldom of Ormonde, as 9th Earl with the pre-eminence of the origlnal Earls. He m. Lady Joan FitzGerald, dau. and heiress of 11th Earl of Desmond, and had issue

1. THOMAS, 10th Earl.

2. Edmund (Sir), Kt., of Roscrea and Cloughgrenan, co. Carlow,

m. Hon. Eleanor Eustace, dau. of 2nd Viscount Baltinglass, and

had, with other issue,

1. Piers, of Ballysax, m. Mary Butler, and was executed at Kilkenny, during Desmond’s rebelllon 1596, leaving an only dau.

2. THEOBALD, created 4 Aug. 1603, Viscount Butler of Tulleophelim, Gov. and Lord Lieut. co. Carlow, m. Lady Elizabeth Butler only dau. aud heiress of 10th Earl of Ormonde, and d.s.p. Jan. 1613.

3. John of Kilcash, to whom his father granted lands by deed, 26 May 1544; m. Katherine, dau. of Cormac McCartie, the MacCartie Reagh, and d. 10 May, 1570, leaving issue, with two daus.,

1. WALTER, 11th Earl.

4. Walter, of Ballynodagh, m. Jane, dau. of O Brien Goragh, and was ancestor of Butler of Nodstown.

5. James, of Duisk, m. Margaret, dau. of James Tobin, of Comsinagh, and had one son, who d.s.p.

6. Edward, of Cloughinche, m. 1stly, Lady Eleanor FitzGerald, dau. of 14th Earl of Desmond; and 2ndly Lady Margaret Burke, dau. of 4th Earl of Clanricarde, and had one son, James, who d.s.p.

7. Piers, of Grantstow, m. Hon. Katherine Le Poer, dau. of 2nd Lord Power of Curraghmore, and was ancestor of BUTLER, of Kilmoyler, whose representative JOHN BUTLER, of Kilmoyler left an only dau. and heiress ELIZABETII BUTLER, m. THOMAS ARTHUR, of Glanomera (see BURKE’S L.G).

The Earl d. 28 Oct. 1546, from the effects of poison, administered at a supper at Ely House, Holborn, on the 17th. At the same time the steward of his household and sixteen servants were also there poisoned. He was s. by his son,

THOMAS, 10th Earl of Ormonde and 3rd Earl of Ossory, K.G. called from the darkness of his complexion, The Black Earl. He was educated at the eourt of England, and stood high in the estimation of QUEEN ELIZABETH, by whom, in 1559, he was constituted Lord Treasurer of Ireland. His Lordshlp was b. ca. 1532, m. 1stly, Hon. Elizabeth Berkeley (d.s.p.) only dau. of 10th Lord Berkeley, and 2ndly, Hon. Elizabeth Sheffield (bur. at St. Canice Cathedral 2 April, l601), dau. of 2nd Lord Sheffield, and sister of 1st Earl of Mulgrave, and had issue,

1. JAMES, Viscount Thurtes, b. 1584; d.s.p.v.p.

2. Thomas, High Sheriff co. Tipperary, 1605, d.s.p.v.p. 12 Jan. 1606.

1. Elizabeth, m. lstly, Theobald, Viscount Butler, of Tulleophelim who d.s.p.Jan. 1613; and 2ndly, Sir Richard Preston, created a Peer of Scotland, 8 June, 1609, under the title of BARON DINGWALL, with remainder to his heirs whatsoever, a nd further advanced to the Earldom of Desmond in Ireland in 1619, by whom she had an only child,

ELIZABETH PRESTON, Baroness Dingwall, wife of her cousin, JAMES, Duke of Ormonde.

The Earl m. 3rdly, Hon. Helen Barry (d.s.p.), dau. of David, Viscount Buttevant, and d.s p.m.s. 2- Nov. 1614, when the honours devolved upon Sir Walter Butler, of Kileash, grandson of James, 9th Earl, as,

WALTER, 11th Earl of Ormonde, and 4th Earl of Ossory, but the estates through the influence of Lord Dingwall all with James I were retained by him. The Earl m. Hon. Helen Butler (d. 28 Jan. 1631) eldest dau. of 2nd Viscount Mountgarret, and had, with other issue,

1. THOMAS, Viscount Thurles, Gov. of cos. of Kilkenny, Tipperary, and Waterford, m. Elizabeth (who m. 2ndly, George Mathew), dau. of Sir John Poyntz. Kt., of Acton, co. Gloucester, and was drowned at sea, 15 Dec. 1619, leaving, with other issue,

1. JAMES, 12th Earl and 1st Duke.

2. Richard, of Kilcash, who had a confirmation, 24 June, 1639, of that place, Garryricken, and other lands in cos. Tipperary aud Kilkenny, with a limitation thereof to his heirs rnale. He joined the Irish 1641, was rnade Gov. of co. Wexford, and had the rank of Lt.-Gen. in the Irish Army. He m. Lady Frances Touchet, yst. dan. of 2nd Earl of Clanricare,. and had, wlth other issue,

(1) WALTER, m. Lady Mary Plunkett, dau. of 2nd Earl of Fingal, and had, wlth other issue,

la. THOMAS, of Kilcash, Col. of Foot in the service of JAMES II, m. Lady Margaret Burke (d. 19 July, 1744), widow of Brian, Viscount Mogeunis, of Iveagh, and dau. of 7th Earl of Clanricarde, and had, with other issue,

JOHN 15th Earl, de jure, of whom hereafter.

Honora, m. 1720, 3rd Viscount Kenmare, and d. 1720, leaving issue.

2a. John of Garryricken, m. Frances, dau. of George Butler, of Ballyragget and had a son,

WALTER, ; 16th Earl de jure, of whom hereafter.

(2) John, of Westcourt, co. Kilkenny, Col. in the Army, m. Katherine, widow of Sir Nicholas Plunkett and dau. of James Aylmer, of Cragbrven, Clare, and d. 1715, leaving issue, with a dau., Mary, m. Willlam Galwey, of Lota, co. C ork.

Richard, of Westcourt, m. Helen, widow of Capt. Richard Esmonde, and 3rd dau. of Thomas Butler, of Kilcash.

(1) Mary, m. Christopher, Lord Delvin, eldest son of 2nd Earl of Westmeath, and d. 28 March, 1737, leaving issue.

(2) Frances, m. Sir Patrick Barne;vall, 3rd Bt. of Crlckstown and d. 1709, leaving issue.

1. Ellen, m. Sir Andrew Aylmer, 2nd Bt., of Donadera, and had issue.

1. Ellen, m. Hon. James Butler, 5th son of 2nd Baron Dunboyne, and had issue.

The Earl d. 24 Feb. 1632, and was s. by his grandson

JAMES, 1st Duke of Ormonde, K.G., and 12th Earl, was installed a Kt. of the Garter, and created, in 1642, MARQUESS OF ORMONDE

In 1643 he was apptd. Lord Lieut. of Ireland, and during the great civil war administered that high office with consummate ability. At the Restoration his fidelity and eminent services were requited. In 1660 he had conferred on him the titles of BARON BUTLER of Llanthony, and Earl OF BRECKNOCK, in the Peerage of England, nd in the following year that of DUKE OF ORMONDE, in Ireland. He was again Lord Lieut. 1661-69, and in 1682 was created an English Duke as DUKE OF ORMONDE. He was b. 19 Oct. l61O; m. Sept. 1629 his cousin, Lady Elizabeth Preston, Baroness Dingwall in her own right (d. 21 July, 1684}, only dau. and heiress of Richard, Earl of Desmond (see above), and and issue,

1. Thomas, Viscount Thurles, d. an infant, bur. at St. Canice 1633.

2. THOMAS, EARL OF 0SSORY, K.G., b. 8 July, 1634, called “the Gallant OSSORY,” who was summoned by writ to the Parliament of Ireland as Earl of Ossory, l662, and to that of England 1666, as Lord Butler, of Moore Park. He m. 17 Nov. 1659, Lady Amelia de Nassau, eldest dau. of Henry de Nassau, Lord of Auverquerque, and d.v.p. 30 July, 1680, leaving issue,

1. JAMES, 2nd Duke.

2. CHARLES, de jure 3rd Duke and 14th Earl.

1. Henrietta, m. 12 Jan. 1697, Henry D’Auverquerque, Earl of Grantham, and d. 11 Oct. 1724, leaving issue (see LUCAS, B.). He d. 5 Dec. 1754.

3. RICHARD, created 13 May, 1662 Baron Butler, Viscount of Tullogh, and EARL OF ARRAN, with limitation of the honours to his brother, JOHN, and was made Lord Butler, of Weston , in the Peerage of England, in 1673. He was b. 15 June 1639; m. 1stly Lady Mary Stewart (d.s.p. 4 July, 1668), only dau. of 1st Duke of Richmond, Duke of Lennox, in Scotland, and 2ndly, June, 1673, Dorothy, dau. of John Ferrers, of Tamworth, and d. 25 Jan. 1685 when his honours expired), leaving an only dau. JOHN, created Earl OF GOWRAN 1676, m. Lady Anne Chichesterdau. of 1st Earl of Donegal, but d.s.p. 1677, when the dignity expired.

1. Elizabeth, m. 2nd Earl of Chesterfield.

2. Mary, m. 1st Duke of Devonshire, K.G., and d. 31 JULY, 1710, leaving issue.

The Duke, an eminent statesman, is known in history as “the great Duke of Ormonde.” He d. 21 JUlY, 1688, and was bur. in Westminster Abbey. His grandson,

JAMES, 2nd Duke of Ormonde, K.G., inherited the Scottish Barony Dingwall from his grandmother; he was apptd. Lord of the Bedchamber 1685 and, serving in the Army, participated in the victory over the Duke of Monmouth, at Sedgemoor. He was afterw ards, however, one of the first to join the standard of the Prince of Orange, and when that Prince ascended the throne His Grace obtained the Garter, and was constituted HIGH CONSTABLE for the coronation. He attended WILLIAM into Ireland, was at the Boyne , and subsequently entertained His Majesty most sumptuously at his castle in Kilkenny. In 1693 he was at the battleof Landen, where he received several wounds, and had a horse shot under him. In 1702, he was constituted, by QUEEN ANNE, C. in -C. of the la nd forces sent against France and Spain, when he destroyed the French fleet, sunk the Spanish galleons in the harbour of Vigo, and took the fort of Redondella; for which important services he received the thanks of both Houses of Parliament. In 1711 he wa s declared Capt.-Gen. and C.-in-C. of the land forces in Britain, or which were or should be employed abroad In conjunction with the troops of the allies, which post he held till the Treaty of Utrecht 1713, in which year he was made Warden of the Cinque Ports, and Constable of Dover Castle. But after the accession of GEORGE I, his Grace was impeached (21 June, 1715) high treason, and having retired into France, was attainted in Great Britain, when his estates became forfeited, his (English) honours ext inguished, and Parliament passed an act which annulled the regalities and liberties of the County Palatine of Tipperary, vested his lands in the Crown, and proclaimed a reward of œ10,000 for his apprehension should he attempt to land in Ireland. Bu t the same Parliament passed also an act (24 June, 1721) to enable the Dukes brother, the Earl of Arran, to purchase the estate, which his Lordship did accordingly. This great but unfortunate nobleman was b. 29 April, 1665; m. 1stly, 15 July , 1682, Lady Anne Hyde dau. of Laurence, Earl of Rochester, and had a dau., Mary d. 1688

His Grace m. 2ndly, 3 Aug. 1685, Lady Mary Somerset, eldest surv of Ist Duke of Beaufort, and by her had issue,

1. ELIZABETH, d. unm. 20 April, 1750.

2. Mary, m. 21 Oct. 1710, 1st Earl of Ashburnham, and d.s.p. 2 Jan. 1712.

The Duke resided in his exile chiefly at Avignon. He had a pension from the court of Spain of 2,000 pistoles, and d. 16 Nov. 1745, when his remains were brought into England 22 May, 1748, and deposited in the family vault, in Henry VII’s ch apel, Westminster Abbey.

At this period it was supposed that the Duke’s honours were all forfeited under the act of attainder passed by the English Parliament, but it wassubsequently decided that no proceeding of the English legislature could affect Irish dignities. Accor ding to that decision, His Grace’s brother,

CHARLES, Earl of Arran, was de jure , 3rd Duke of Ormonde, and 14th Earl of Ormonde, but his Lordship never enjoyed, assumed, or was aware of possessing these last named dignities. He was a Lord of the Bedchamber to WI LLIAM III, Lt.-Gen. in the Army, Col of the 3rd Troop of Horse Guards, Gov. of Dover Castle, and Master of the Ordinance 1712-14. He was created 8 March, 1693, EARL OF ARRAN, ete., in the Peerage of Ireland, and 23 Jan 1694 , LORD BUTLER, of Weston in tha t of England. He was b. 4 Sept. 1671; m. 18 Sept. 1721, Elizabeth (d.s.p. 21 May, 1756), yst. dau. of Thomas, Lord Crewe, of Stene, and d. 17 Dec. 1758, when his own honours became extinct, with the Marquessate and Duked om of Ormonde. The Scottish barony of Dingwall, and the barony of Butler, of Moore Park, passed to the heir-general (see LUCAS B.), and the lrish Earldoms of Ormonde and Ossory, with the Viscounty of Thurles, supposed to have fallen under the English at tainder, became dormant, but were really vested in John Butler, of Kilcash, the heir male of the family (see the descendants of Walter, 11th Earl), as

JOHN, 15th Earl ot Ormonde (de jure), but he did not assume the honours. He s. to the estates of the family upon the death of the Earl of Arran's only surv. sister Elizabeth, 1760. He m. April, 1763, Bridget Stacey (who m . 2ndly, 24 Oct. 1771, Rev. Alleyne Waller, LL.D., of The Hermitage, Surrey) of Oakingham, Berks, and d.s.p. 24 June, 1766, when he was s. in his estates, and his right to the honours of his family, by his first cousin,

WALTER, 16th Earl of Ormonde (de jure), but he never assumed the titles. He was b. 10 June, 1703; m. 19 Dec. 1732, Ellen (d. Jan. 1794), dau. of Nicholas Morres, of Lataragh, co. Tipperary, and grand-dau. of Sir John Morres, 7th Bt., of Knockagh, and had issue, with three daus.

1. JOHN, 17th Earl.

He d. 2 June, 1783, and was s. by his only son,

JOHN, 17th Earl of Ormonde, b. 10 Dec. 1740, M.P. for Gowran 1776-9, and for Kilkenney 1790-1, in which year his right to the Peerage was acknowledged in the Irish House of Lords. He m. 14 Feb. 1769, Lady Frances Susan Elizabeth (d. 3 April, 1830), dau. and sole heiress of 1st and last Earl of Wandesford (by Agnes Elizabeth, his wife, dau. and heiress of John Southwell, of Ennis-couch), and had, with other issue,

1. WALTER, 18th Earl

2. JAMES WANDESFORD, lst Marquess. 3. Charles Harward BUTLER-CLARKE-SOUTHWELL-WANDESFORDE, of Kirklington, co. York, and Castlecomer co. Kilkenny, M.P., b. 1781; m. lstly, 12 Oct. 1812, Lady Sarah Butler (d. 7 July, 1838), dau. of 2nd Earl of Carrick, and had, with other issue,

1. John, b. 2 Sept. 1813; m. 16 Nov. 1841, Emily Silna Frances (d. 29 Jan. 1909), dau. of John McClintock, M.P., of Drumcar co. Louth (see RATHDONNELL, B.), and d.s.p. 26 June, 1856.

2. Walter, b. 1 Aug. 1825; m. 5 April, l849, Hannah (d. 1868), dau. of Thomas Hutton, and d. 1853 leaving a son, d. unm.

1. Sarah, of Castlecomer, co. Kilkenny, and Kirklington, co. York, m. 19 Sept. 1836, Rev. John Prior, of Mount Dillon, co. Dublin, son of Rev. Thomas Prior, D.D., Vice-Provost Trin. Coll., Dublin and had issue. He d. 21 Dec. 1867. By Roya l Licence, 30 Aug 1882, she and her issue were authorised to take the additional surname and arms of WANDESFORDE; she d. 21 Dec. 1892, aged 78. The Hon. Charles Harward Butler obtained permission for himself and his heirs, by sign manual, 1820, to assume the additional surname of CLARKE after BUTLER; and in June, 1830, by another licence, those of WANDSFORDE and SOUTHWELL. He m. 2ndly, 10 Aug. 1842, Lucy, Countess Dowager of Carrick (d. 13 Oet. 1884, aged 84), and d. 7 Nov. 1 860.

1. Eleanor, m. 11 Aug. 1808, Viscount Lismore, from whom she was div. 1826, and d. Oct. 1859.

The Earl d. 25 Dec. 1795, and was s. by his eldest son,

WALTER, Marquess of Ormorde and 18th Earl of Ormonde, K.P. b. 5 Feb. 1770, created MARQUESS OF ORMONDE in lreland, and Baron Butler, of Llanthony, in England. His Lordship disposed of the grant of the prisage of the wines of Ireland, ma de to the 4th Butler by EDWARD I, to the Crown in 1810 for œ218,000, and the contract received the sanction of Parliament by an act passed 31 May, 1811. He m. 17 March, 1805, Anna Maria Catherine (d. 19 Dec. 1817), only dau. and sole heiress of Joseph Hart Pryce Clarke, of Sutton Hall, co. Derby. The Marquess d.s.p. 10 Aug. 1820, when the Marquessate of Ormonde and the Barony of Butler expired, and the other honours devolved upon his brother,

James Butler - 19th Earl ->JAMES, 1st Marquess and 19th Earl of Ormonde, K. P., was created, at the Coronation of GEORGE IV, a Peer of the United Kingdom, as Baron Ormonde, of Llanthony, in the co. of Monmouth, by patent, dated 17 July, 1821; and on 29 Oct. 182 6, advanced to the dignity of MARQUESS OF ORMONDE, in the Peerage of Ireland. His Lordship was installed a Kt. of St. Patrick 1821. He was b. 15 July 1777; m. 12 Oct. 1807, Grace Louisa (d. 3 May, 1860), dau. of Rt. Hon. John Staples (by Hon. Harriet Molesworth, his wife, dau. of 2nd Viscount Molesworth), and had, with other issue,

1. JOHN, Earl of Ossory, 2nd Marquess.

2. James Wandesford, D.L., J.P., Capt. 7th Regt., Royal Fus. and Major Queen’s Westminster Rifle Vols., served in 85th Regt. 1834-8, and in 7th Regt. 1838-46, A.D.C. to Earl de Grey, Lord Lieut. of Ireland, and StateSteward to Duke of Abercorn, K .G., Lord Lieut. of lreland; b. 18 May, 1815; m. 3 April, 1856, Lady Rachel Evelyn Russell (d. 21 Feb. 1898), dau. of 6th Duke of Bedford, K.G., and d. 13 Dec. 1893, having had issue,

1. James-Francis, Page to H.M. KING EDWARD VII when Prince of Wales at H.M.’s installation as a Kt. of St. Patrick, b. 13 Sept. 1857: d. 5 June, 1933.

2. Julian George, b. 14 Aug. 1864; d.

1.Grace Louisa, b. 5 Oct. 1858; m. Rev. Robert Oliver Thompson, and d.s.p.

2. Georgina Maud Sita, b. 7 Feb. 1862; d. 13 April, 1863.

1. Harriet Eleanor, m. 16 May, 1831, Robert Fowler, eldest son of Rt. Rev. Robert Fowler, D.D., Bishop of Ossory, Ferns and Leighlin (by Louisa, his wife, sister of Charles John, Earl of Blessington) and d. 28 Sept. 1885.

The Marquess was a Kt. of St. Patrick, Lord Lieut. and custos rotulorum, of co. Kilkenny, and Col. of the Kilkenny Mil. He d. 18 May, 1838, and was s. by his eldest son,

JOHN, 2nd Marquess of Ormonde, K.P., b. 24 Aug. 1808; m. 19 Sept. 1843, Frances Jane (d. 26 Aug. 1903), eldest dau. of Gen. Hon. Sir Edward Paget, G.C.B. (see ANGLESBY, M.), and had issue,


2. James Hubert Henry Thomas, 9th Lancers, b. 1847; d. 1867.


4. James Theobald Bagot John (Rev.), M.A. Camb., Rector of Ulcombe, nr. Maidstone 1898-1923, b. 24 Aug. 1852, m. 28 July 1885, Annabella Brydon (d. 6 May, 1943), only dau. of Rev. Cosmo Reid Gordon, D.D., Rector of Chetwynd, Salop , and d. 16 June,1929 leaving issue,

1. James Walter Theobald Gordon, b. 19 May, 1886; m. 17 Aug. 1926, • Alice Theodora (Moortown, Ringwood, IIants.), only dau. of George Aked, of Bournemouth, and d.s.p. 2 May, 1945.

2 + JAMES HUBERT THEOBALD CHARLES, M.B.E. (1921), educ.Halleybury and R.M.C., late Lieut. K.R.R.C., served in World WarI 1914-19 (wounded), heir presumptive (Hinsdale, Illinois, U.S.A.), b. 19 April, 1809; m. 3 March, 1935, • Nan, only dau. of Garth Gilpin. and has issue,

(1)• Constance Ann, b. 13 Dee. 1940.

(2)• Violet Cynthia Lilah, b. 31 Aug. 1946.

1 • Violet Mary Emily Maud, b. 22 April, 1889; m. 11 April, 1912, Ronald Victor Okes Hart-Synnot, D.S.O., O.B.E. (21, Belsyre Court, Oxford), yr. son of late Major-Gen. Artthur FitzRoy Hart- Synnot, C.B., of Ballymoyer, co. Armagh an d has issue,

• Anthony Ronald Patrick Arthur (Rev.), Vicar of St. Stephen’s St. Albans from 1955, b. 28 March, 1917, educ. Eton, and Ch.Ch. Oxford (B.A. 1941, M.A. 1943).

2 • Sybil Frances Christina Lilah, b. 10 Feb. 1891 m. 3 July 1913, Arthur Henry Francis Edwardes, son of late Lt.-Col. Hon. Cuthbert Ellison Edwardes (see KENSINGTON, B.). He d. 22 July, 1951.

3. Victoria Blanche Constance Theodora, b. 28 Sept. 1897; m. 28 Oct. 1920, Charles Belleville West, son of late Edward West and d. 15 June, 1952, leaving issue. He d. 13 Oct. 1929.

1. Mary Grace Louisa, Extra Lady-in-Waiting to H.R. and I.H. the late DUCHESS OF SAXE COBURG AND GOTHA, b. 7 March, 1846; m. 11 July, 1877, Hon. William Henry Fitzwilliam of Wigganthorp, co. York, and d. 17 Jan. 1929, leaving issue (see FITZWILLIAM, E.). He d. 10 July, 1920.

2. Blanche Henrietta Maria, b. 5 Feb. 1854; m. 14 June, 1882, Col. Hon. Cuthbert Ellison Edwardes, 2nd son of 3rd Baron Kensington, and d. 6 Feb. 1914. He d. 8 Sept. 1911, leaving issue. The Marquess d. 25 Sept. 1854 , and was s. by his eldest son


K.P., P.C., Vice-Adm. of Leinster; Lieut. and custos rotulorum of co. Kilkenny; and a mem. of the Prlvy Council of Ireland ; hon. Col. 4th Bn. The Royal Irish Regt.; hon. Capt. Royal Naval Res., and Cmdre. Royal Yacht Sqdn., and Royal Irish Yacht Club; Col. Royal E. Kent Mtd. Rifles, formerly Capt. 1st Life Guards; had Order of the Crown of Prussia (first cl.), b. 5 Oct. 1844; m. 2 Feb. 1876, Lady Elizabeth Harriet Grosvenor (d. 25 March, 1928), eldest dau of 1st Duke of Westminster, K.G ., and had issue,

1. Beatrice Frances Elizabeth, b. 28 Dec. 1876; m. 19 Feb. 1901,

Lt.-Gen. Sir Reginald Pole-Carew, K.C.B., C.V.O., of Antony, Cornwall and d. 29 Feb. 1952, leaving issue (see POLE, Bt.). He d. 19 Sept. 1924.

2. Constance Mary, O.St.J., b. 26 March, 1879; d. unm. 20 April,1949.

The Marquess d. 26 Oct. 1919, and was s. by his brother,

JAMES ARTHUR WELLlNGTON FOLEY, 4th Marquess of Ormonde, J.P. co. Kent, D.L. co. Kilkenny; 28th Hereditary Chief Butler of Ireland; State Steward to Earl of Carnarvon when Lord Lieut. of Ireland; M.A. Trin. Coll. Camb.; Lieut. 1st Life Guards; b. 28 Sept. 1849; m. 8 March, 1887, Ellen Sprague (d. 17 June, 1951); dau. of late Gen. Anson Stager, American Army, and had issue.

1. JAMES GEORGE ANSON, 5th Marquess.

2. JAMES ARTHUR NORMAN, 6th and present Marquess.

1 • Evelyn Frances, sometime Chief Offr. W.R.N.S., b. 20 Dec. 1887; m. 11 May, 1910, Vice-Adm. Hon. Edmund Rupert Drummond, C.B., M.V.O., R.N. (ret.), yst. son of 10th Viscount Strathallan and brother of 15th Earl of Perth and has issue.

2 •(Eleanor) Rachel, b. 24 April, 1894; m. lstly 17 Aug. 1915, Capt.

Edward Brassey Egerton, 17th Lancers, elder son of Charles Augustus Egerton, of Mountfield Court, Sussex (see 1956 Edn., EGERTON OFTATTON, B.). He d. 1 Sept. 1916 of wounds received in action. She m. 2ndly, 1 July, 1961, V en. William Henry Prior, Archdeacon Emeritus, Preb. and Rector of St. Endellion, Canon of Truro Cathedral (Bishop’s Hill, Polzeath, Wadebridge, Cornwall), son of late William Prior. His Lordship d. 4 July, 1943, and was s. by his elder son.

JAMES GEORGE ANSON, 5th Marquess of Ormonde educ. Harrow, Major late The Life Guards (Reserve), served in World War I 1914-19 (wounded), D.L., co. KiIkenny; 29th Hereditary Chief Butler of Ireland; b. 18 April, 1890; m. 23 Feb.1915, Hon. Sybil Inna Mildred Fellowes (d. 18 May, 1948), 4th dau. of 2nd Baron de Ramsey, and has had issue,

James Anthony, Viscount Thurles, b. 18 Aug. 1916; d. unm. 8 May, 1940.

Moyra Rosamond b. 2 Dec. 1920; m. lstly, 30 April, 1940 (m. diss. by div. 1948), Lieut. Charles Robert Cecil Weld-Forester, only son of Major Hon. Edric A. C. Forester, of Laverton House, Broadway, Worcs. (see FORESTER, B.). and h ad issue. She m. 2ndly, 3 Aug. 1948 Count Guy Jacques van den Steen de Jehay (Chateau de Jehdy, Belgium; Chalet Moyra, Grindelwald, Switzerland), son of H.E. late Count Werner van den Steen de Jehay, former Belgian Ambas sador to Italy, and d. 26 May 1959, leaving further issue.

His lordship d. 21 June, 1949, and was s. by his brother.

Creations—Earl of Ormonde, 2 Nov. 1328. Earl of Ossory, 23 Feb. 1527. Viscount Thurles, 2 Jan. 1535. Marquess, 29 Oct. 1825, Baron Ormonde of the United Kingdom, 17 July, 1821.

Arms—Quarterly: 1st, or, a chief indented, az.; 2nd, gu., three covered cups or; 3rd, arg., a lion rampant gu., on a chief of tbe second a swan, of the flrst, between two annulets or; 4th, ermine, a saltire gu. Crest- Out of a ducal coronet or, a plume of five ostrich feathers, therefrom issuant a falcon rising, all arg.

SupportersDexter, a falcon, wings expanded arg., beaked and membered or; sinister, a male griffin arg., beaked, rayed, collared and chained or. MottoesUnder the arms, Butler a boo; above the crest, Comme je trouv e.


Seat—Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny. ResidenceCantley, Wokingham, Berks. ClubsCavalry; St. James.