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Born in Cambridge, Ontario, son of Marjorie and Burton S. Freer, Stan got his B.A. from Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa, M.A. from Universidad de las Americas, Cholula, Puebla, Mexico and Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Stan Freer is presently an archaeologist/anthropologist at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His specialization is Mesoamerican Archaeology with a subspecialization in the Mayan Culture. He has worked in a variety of geographic areas including central Mexico, western and southern Yucatan, Mexico, Southwest (Texas, New Mexico), Northeast (Ontario), and Plains (Manitoba) studying a variety cultures (paleoindian - 10,000 B.P., Iroquois, Historic - French/British, Meti, Mexican Preclassic, and Teotihuacan/ Maya). He has training in a variety of areas including ceramics, lithics, paleobotany, zooarchaeology, architecture, and iconography. He has employed this training in such positions as lithic analyst on the All American Pipeline (from Santa Barbara Calif. to Houston, Texas) out of New Mexico State University, faunal analyst for the Thorold Site (McMaster University) and ceramicist for the Rio Bec-Becan Archaeological Expedition in Campeche/Quintana Roo Mexico (Universidad de las Americas).

His Ph.D. dissertation was the chronological realignment of the Puuc region of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico and the relationships between the Mexican Highlands and Puuc area. His chronological realignment suggests a much earlier relationship between Teotihuacan and the Puuc Region than suggested elsewhere.

Stan has also helped to create a web site on Manitoban prehistory as well as run his archaeological consulting firm Cultural Heritage Systems, Archaeological Consultants, Inc. He has also served as President of the Association of Manitoba Archaeologists. Stan was a Social Worker for a brief time before he embarked upon a career in an area that has fascinated him since a young boy. His hobbies include computers, aquariums, fishing, chess, gardening, travel and off course family genealogy.

(Copyright © Drawn by Stan W. Freer: Quetzalcoatl vs. Tezcatlipoca).