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Smil, V. 2008. Moore’s curse and the great energy delusion. The American 2(6): 34-41. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2008. On meat, fish and statistics: The global food regime and animal consumption in the United States and Japan. Japan Focus, October 19, 2008. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2008. Meno consumi e meno sprechi. National Geographic Italia September 2008. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2008. A reality check on the Pickens Energy Plan. Yale Environment 360 August 25, 2008. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2008. Water news: Bad, good and virtual. American Scientist, 96: 399-407. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2008. Long-range energy forecasts are no more than fairy tales. Nature, 453: 154. (pdf)


Smil, V. 2007. Poor visibility on China’s air pollution. Far Eastern Economic Review, December 2007: 35-39. (pdf)

James N. Galloway, Marshall Burke, G. Eric Bradford, Rosamond Naylor, Walter Falcon, Ashok K. Chapagain, Joanne C. Gaskell, Ellen McCullough, Harold A. Mooney, Kirsten L. L. Oleson, Henning Steinfeld, Tom Wassenaar and Vaclav Smil. 2007. International Trade in Meat: The Tip of the Pork Chop. Ambio, 36: 622-629. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2007. The two prime movers of globalization: history and impact of diesel engines and gas turbines. Journal of Global History, 2: 373-394. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2007. Global material cycles.  Encyclopedia of Earth, June 2, 2007 (pdf)

Smil, V. 2007. The unprecedented shift in Japan’s population: Numbers, age, and prospects.  Japan Focus, May 1, 2007. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2007. Light behind the fall: Japan’s electricity consumption, the environment, and economic growth.  Japan Focus, April 2, 2007. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2007. Peak performance. Tech Central Station, February 23, 2007. (pdf)


Smil, V. 2006. Energy. Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, 646- 654. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2006. 21st century energy: Some sobering thoughts. OECD Observer 258/59: 22-23. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2006. The Bookshelf talks with Vaclav Smil.  American Scientist Online. October 2006. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2006. Energy at the crossroads. Paper presented at OECD Global Science Forum, 17-18 May 2006, Paris. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2006. Japan and China: The next fifty years. Japan Focus Summer 2006 (pdf)

Smil, V. 2006. Peak oil: A catastrophist cult and complex realities. World Watch 19: 22-24. (pdf)


Naylor, R., Steinfeld, H., Falcon, W., Galloway, J., Smil, V., Bradford, E., Alder, J., Mooney, H. Losing the links between livestock and land. Science, 310: 1621-1622 (pdf)

Smil, V. 2005. Nitrogen in modern European agriculture. In: Scholliers, P., L. Van Molle and C. Sarasua, eds. Land, Shops and Kitchens: Technology and the Food Chain in Twentieth-century Europe. Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, pp. 110-119. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2005. China's thirsty future. Far Eastern Economic Review. December 2005. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2005. Peak curiosity. Tech Central Station, December 3, 2005. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2005. The next 50 years: Unfolding trends. Population and Development Review. 31: 605-643. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2005. A different perspective on security: America's infrastructural failures. Tech Central Station, October 26, 2005. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2005. Bad bets. Tech Central Station, September 6, 200. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2005. The next 50 years: Fatal discontinuities. Population and Development Review. 31: 201-236. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2005. Limits to Growth revisited: A review essay. Population and Development Review. 31: 157-164. (pdf)


Smil, V. 2004. Feeding the world: How much more rice do we need? Scientific perspectives for the 21st century. 2004 (pdf)

Smil, V. 2004. Tired of record high oil prices? They're anything but! Tech Central Station, October 20, 2004. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2004. Omedeto gozaimasu! (Congratulations!). Tech Central Station, October 1, 2004. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2004. No alternative to reality. Tech Central Station, June 30, 2003. (pdf)


Smil, V. 2003. Beyond the blackout. Tech Central Station, August 18, 2003. (pdf)


Smil, V. 2002. Worldwide transformation of diets, burdens of meat production and opportunities for novel food proteins. Enzyme and Microbial Technology 30:305–311. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2002. Phosphorus: Global transfers. In: Causes and Consequences of Global Environmental Change I. Douglas, ed. Vol. 3. of Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Change, T. Munn, ed., John Wiley, Chichester, pp. 536-542. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2002. Eating meat: evolution, patterns, and consequences. Population and Development Review 28:599-639. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2002. Nitrogen and food production: Proteins for human diets. Ambio 31:126-131. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2002. Energy resources and uses: a global primer for the twenty-first century. Current History 101(653):126-132. (pdf)


Smil, V. 2001. Genius loci. Nature 409:21. (pdf)


Smil, V. 2000. Perils of long-range energy forecasting: Reflections on looking far ahead. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 65:251-264 (pdf)

Smil, V. 2000. Laying down the law. Nature 403:597. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2000. Horse power. Nature 405:125. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2000. Jumbo. Nature 406:239. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2000. Magic beans. Nature 407:567. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2000. Energy in the 20th century: resources,  conversions, costs, uses, and consequences. Annual Review of Energy and the Environment 25:21-51. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2000. Phosphorus in the environment: natural flows and human interferences. Annual Review of Energy and Environment 25:53-88. (pdf)

Smil, V. 2000. Rocky Mountain visions: A review essay. Population and Development Review 26: 163-176. (pdf)


Smil, V. 1999. Crop residues: agriculture's largest harvest. BioScience 49:299-308. (pdf) (3.6MB)

Smil, V. 1999. How many billions to go? Nature 401:429. (pdf)

Smil, V. 1999. Detonator of the population explosion. Nature 400:415. (pdf)

Smil, V. 1999. China's great famine: 40 years later. British Medical Journal 7225:1619-1621. (pdf)


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