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Sea-ice Environmental Research Facility (SERF)


Service 2 St. SW

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB R3T 2T8


Tel.: +1-204-261-0933 (Technician)

+1-204-474-6250 (Chief Scientist)



















January 12, 2017: SERF 2017 Campaign started with yet another frost flower event!


Photo by Dr. Dustin Isleifson


Photo by Dr. Dustin Isleifson



January 15, 2016: SERF 2016 Campaign started with a beautiful frost flower event! Details about the research projects can be found here.



Photo by Dr. Fei Wang


Photo by Dr. Fei Wang


January 28 – March 16, 2015: SERF 2015 Campaign


February 24, 2014: Cold water survival demo with Prof. Gordon Giesbrecht (“Dr. Popsicle”)



Photo by Dr. Fei Wang


Jan. 24, 2014: SERF Experiment 3.2 started


December 8, 2013: Frost flower blossom at SERF



IR photo by Fei Wang


December 3, 2013: SERF Experiment 3.1 started


February 18, 2013: Experiment 2.3 – Pancake ice



 Photo by Fei Wang


January 13-31, 2013: Experiment 2.2 – Geophysical and biogeochemical processes of frost flowers and young ice



Photo by Fei Wang



January 3-9, 2013: Experiment 2.1 – Geophysical study of ice upon heating of the underlying water column


December 24-29, 2013: First full blossom of frost flowers in Year 2



Photo by Fei Wang


November, 2013: Formulation of seawater for Year 2 started


March, 2013: End of Year 1 Experiments


Feb. 25, 2012: Frost flowers bloomed for the second time in the season, though at a much smaller scale



Photo by Fei Wang

Feb. 8, 2012: SERF Grand Opening


U of M President Dr. David Barnard speaks at the Grand Opening. (photo by Beibei Lv)



SERF Project Leader Dr. Fei Wang speaks at the Grand Opening (photo by Beibei Lv)



Ice breaking at the Grand Opening. From left: U of M Vice President Dr. Digvir Jayas, Innovation, Energy and Mines Minister Dave Chomiak, U of M President Dr. David Barnard, Canada Foundation for Innovation Board Member Dr. Albert Friesen, and SERF Project Leader Dr. Fei Wang (Photo by Mike Latschislaw). 

Dec 23, 2011: Experiment 1.1 Started


 Photo by Fei Wang


Dec. 06, 2011: First pancake ice formed at SERF


 Photo by David Mosscrop

Dec. 2011: Construction completed

May 2011: Construction started




SERF in Media:



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