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Sea-ice Environmental Research Facility (SERF)


Service 2 St. SW

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB R3T 2T8


Tel.: +1-204-261-0933 (Technician)

+1-204-474-6250 (Chief Scientist)


















Science @ SERF

SERF Principal Investigators:


-       Dr. Fei Wang (Chief Scientist)

-       Dr. David Barber

-       Dr. Tim Papakyriakou

-       Dr. Soren Rysgaard


Scientific Objectives:


-       To grow sea ice under controlled conditions and with various tracers for the study of its growth, properties, and roles in biogeochemical cycling of contaminants and greenhouse gases.

-       To integrate such processes-oriented mesocosm-scale studies with field-based studies, in support of modeling and scaling initiatives to better understand and predict the sea ice environment under a changing climate.


SERF Instrumentation/Sensors:


-       Meteorology (e.g., T, P, RH, wind speed/direction, PAR) at various heights

-       L- and C-band polarimetric scatterometers and LiDAR

-       Real-time and high-resolution T, S, DO, pCO2 sensors across air-sea ice-seawater interface

-       Real-time measurement of tropospheric mercury speciation (GEM, RGM and HgP)

-       On-site trailer laboratory for pH, alkalinity, DIC, DOC, TC/TN measurements

-       On-campus laboratories with cold rooms, Class 100 clean rooms, LA/LC-ICP-MS, ESI-MS-MS, CVAFS, LC/GC, XRD, and SEM, among many other instruments.


SERF-supported Publications:


13. Xu W., Tenuta M., and Wang F. 2016. Bromide and chloride distribution across the snow-sea ice-ocean interface: A comparative study between an Arctic coastal marine site and an experimental sea ice mesocosm. J. Geophys. Res. Oceans doi:10.1002/2015JC011409.


12. Crabeck O., Galley R.J., Delille B., Else B.G.T., Geilfus N.-X., Lemes M., Des Roches M., Francus P., Tison J.-L., and Rysgaard, S. 2015. Imaging air volume fraction in sea ice using non-destructive X-ray tomography. Cryosphere 10, 1125-1145.


11. Firoozy N., Komarov A.S., Landy J., Barber D.G., Mojabi P., and Scharien R.K. 2015. Inversion-based sensitivity analysis of snow-covered sea ice electromagnetic profiles. IEEE J. Sel. Topics Appl. Earth Observ. in Remote Sens. 8:3643-3655, doi: 10.1109/JSTARS.2015.2399651.


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1. Wang F., Barber D., Papakyriakou T., and Rysgaard S. 2012. Sea-ice Environmental Research Facility. ArcticNet Annual Science Symposium 2012. December 10-14, Vancouver, BC.