All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems
Saskatchewan Communities

by David A. Wyatt

Lloydminster, Alberta-Saskatchewan

The City of Lloydminster is a single municipality located partly in Alberta and partly in Saskatchewan. A single Town was formed in 1930 by the amalgamation of the Village of Lloydminster, Alberta, and the Town of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. The Town became a City in 1958.


A 1946 Fitzjohn model 310 Cityliner transit bus (serial no. 8534) was purchased from Lloydminster in 1951 by Columbia Stage Lines of New Westminster, BC. It is unknown if there was ever a transit system in Lloydminster or if there was, if 1946-1951 might have been its lifespan. (Canadian Coach Vol. 3, No. 3, March 1967, p. 9). In 1951 the population of Lloydminster was 3,938 (

North Battleford - Battleford, Saskatchewan

C.A. Geib (1960s?)
(Scrafton et al. 1970). (Dawes et al. 1972 lists a Battleford Local Bus Company).

Jerry's Tel-Bus Limited (? - November 1978)
Private operation.

Battlefords Community Taxibus (17 November 1978 - ?)
Two-year demonstration project using shared-ride taxis and fixed route bus service.

North Battleford Transit 839 (2005 A. Wong) Battlefords Transit System (circa 1980's - circa 2010)
Operated by Simpson & Lane School Bus Ltd. (telephone book 1998). Operated by ABC Bus Lines Limited (telephone book 2010). (Transit News Canada 1986, pb89, pb96, SK gvt 2007, photo: A. Wong) (not in CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1989 or CUTA 1988).

North Battleford Public Transit cutaway (2011 City of NB) North Battleford Transit System (circa 2010 - present)
The 2011 online schedule does not list any stops in Battleford. Operated by FirstBus Canada Ltd. (website 2011). Operating contractor changed from FirstBus to Battlefords Handi-Bus 30 September 2011 (The Battlefords News-Optimist Sep. 28, 2011). Buses lettered North Battleford Public Transit. (website 2011, photo: City of North Battleford).


Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Prince Albert & Northern Bus Lines 102 (1946 Fitzjohn) (John Knowles 1959) Prince Albert & Northern Bus Lines Ltd. (1949 - ?)
Company established 1949 by the Fowlie brothers. The DBS Transit Report for March 1953 (Vol. 7, No. 3) stated that transit fares had been increased in Prince Albert that month. 01 August 1953 Fowlie brothers sold the enterprise to a Mr. Hollick and the Resznisky brothers. A 1959 photograph shows the transit service in P.A. to be operated by Prince Albert & Northern Bus Lines Ltd.

Prince AlbertTransit [PA Northern] 53 (GM new look) (Brian Sullivan 1981) Prince Albert Transit (? - present)
(RS). Dawes et al. 1972, lists a Prince Albert Bus Lines Company Ltd. 1998 telephone directory listing for City Transit P A Bus Lines with the same telephone for PANBL. Contractor Prince Albert Northern Bus Lines Ltd. replaced by FirstCanada ULC circa 2005. (Transit News Canada 1986) (not in CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1988 or pb89) (Photos: Peter Cox collection, Martin's Transportation Pictures, 2002, Kevin Nicol)

PAT MCI Classic Prince Albert Transit/FirstCanada 10-0068(New Flyer D40LFR) (Kevin Nicol 2011 May 24)

Prince Albert Transit logo
system logo
Ridership257,358 (2009)
Vehicle fleet13 buses (1998)
Data sources:CTHF/SSG 1998
CTF [Aug. 2010] (ridership)
website 2010 (logo)

Regina Beach, Saskatchewan

? (1945 - 31 March 1946)
A program to house returning veterans in winterized cottages at Regina Beach prompted the establishment of a commuter bus service between Regina Beach and Regina. When STC was established the commuter service became part of it.

Saskatchewan Transportation Company (01 April 1946 - ?)
Provincial crown corporation established to operate intercity bus service province-wide. Commuter service between Regina Beach and Regina discontinued as veterans relocated to permanent housing elsewhere.

Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Swift Current Transit System (1970s?)
(Dawes et al. 1972).

Swift Current Tele-Bus #T-154 (Kevin Nicol 2009 May 13) The City of Swift Current Tele-Bus (? - 04 April 2015)
Name taken from Swift Current website, 2002, was The City of Swift Current Tel-a-Bus. Dial-a-bus operation. 1998 telephone directory listing for City Telebus. Operating contract for 01 January 2012 - 31 December 2014 was renewed with previous holder P & A Enterprises (Prairie Post 25 January 2012). (Transit News Canada 1986, 1987, photo Kevin Nicol). (not in CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1988 or pb89)

Swift Transit [Swift Current] T-159 a New Flyer D30LF (2015 Jun 01 Kevin Nicol) Swift Transit (06 April 2015 - present)
Mixed fixed-route and demand responsive transit service replacing previous demand-responsive system. Contracted operator is Saskatchewan Abilities Council which also operates the disability service Access Transit. Initial operating arrangements are for two years. (website 2015, photo: Kevin Nicol).

Swift Transit logo (2015)
system logo (2015)
Data source website 2015

Uranium City, Saskatchewan

newspaper ad in the Uranium Era 1957 Apr 09 Uranium City Bus Lines (1950's - ?)
Bus service in isolated remote mining community. Scheduled service revolved around transporting miners from the residential area to multiple mine sites. Company still listed in the local business directory when the last mine closed 1982 but scheduled bus service may have ended earlier. (Canadian Coach May 1970 p. 3).

Warman - Martensville, Saskatchewan

AV Transit (01 May 2017 - 04 August 2017)
Private enterprise commuter transit service connecting Warman and Martensville with Saskatoon. Vague information on the company website suggests service may have been suspended 23 May 2017 - 30 May 2017 inclusive, and for July 2017. As of September 2017 company website no longer mentions transit operation.

Weyburn, Saskatchewan

Weyburn Soo Transit (William A. Luke Collection) Airport Lines Ltd. [Weyburn] ticket (date unknown) Did Weyburn ever have a public transit system? The image on the left, taken from a postcard depicting the Weyburn General Hospital, seems to show a transit bus waiting in front of the hospital, it's driver watching the photographer. The hospital opened in 1921, and the automobiles in the picture seem to date from the mid to late 1930s (William A. Luke collection). It is not known if Soo Transit operated scheduled service. On the right is a ticket for Airport Lines Ltd. which appears to have operated a bus service to the Royal Canadian Air Force British Commonwealth Air Training Plan base at Weyburn. The base was open from 05 January 1942 to 22 January 1944. The 10¢ fare (10 tickets for $1.00) suggest it was a local trip with frequent service.

Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Ball Cartage (14 December 1945 - 17 January 1946)
Owner A.R. Ball. One bus, four loops, 5¢ fare (Regina Leader-Post Oct. 31, 1945, p. 2, Jan. 14, 1945, p. 2, Jan. 15, 1946, p. 2).

Westerhaug Bus Lines [Yorkton] GM new look (David A. Wyatt 1992) Yorkton Transit (circa March 1966 - circa 1995)
Yorkton about to start-up transit service (Canadian Coach 1966). Operated directly by the City of Yorkton from 1966 to circa 1970. From then on operated for the City by contractor Westerhaug Bus Lines (1990). Service reported closed circa 1995 (APR). (Regina Leader-Post Sep. 25, 1976, p. 3; Transit News Canada 1987). (not in CUTA 1991/2 or CUTA 1988)

Westerhaug Bus Lines mercedes-benz bus (Regina Leader-Post 1976 Sep 25 p3)

Yorkton Transit 457 (David Onodera 2012) Yorkton Community Dial-a-Bus (199? - present)
1998 telephone directory listing for City of Yorkton: Dial-A-Bus. (website 2005, photo: David Onodera).

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