All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems
Ontario Communities (C - D)

by David A. Wyatt

Centre Wellington, Ontario

J.E. Brown (1921)
Jitney service between Elora and Fergus (Thorning 2014).


Chapleau, Ontario

Handi-Transit Bus Service (? - present)
Demand-responsive door-to-door paratransit service available to all residents for trips within the township. (website 2011).

Cobourg, Ontario

Carter's Coach Service (? - 1952)
Sold Cobourg town service to Burley 1952 (Ross).

Burley Bus Lines (1952 - circa May 1970)
City service. Burley also operated town service at Port Hope and intercity service in the Port Hope, Cobourg, Oshawa, and Kitchener areas. BBL acquired by CT Ltd circa May 1970 (Canadian Coach 1970). (Canadian Coach 1969, Ross).

Charterways Transportation Limited (circa May 1970 - circa 1998?)
Private sector operating member (CUTA 1990, CUTA F94). (CUTA 1992 "non-member"). (pb96)

Cobourg Transit 903 (David A. Wyatt 2009 July 13) Cobourg Transit (circa 1998? - present)
Contract operator in 2009 was Coach Canada. (Chow 1998, website 2005, photo: David A. Wyatt).

Vehicle fleet6 buses (2000)
Ridership75,792 (2009)
Data source:CTHF/SSG 2000
CTF [Aug. 2010] (ridership)


Collingwood, Ontario

CollTrans [Collingwood] 702 (ElDorado EZRider) (Kevin Nicol 2011 Apr 02) Collingwood Transit (1987 - present)
Initial contract operator in 1987 was Penetang-Midland Coach Lines Limited. Private sector operating member (CUTA 1990). Using the name Colltrans 2000 (Chow 2000). Operated by contractor Sinton Transportation (2011). (CUTA 1992 “non-member”, Chow 1998, CTHF/SSG 1998, photo Kevin Nicol)

Vehicle fleet2 buses
Data source:CTHF/SSG 2000

Collingwood/Wasaga Beach Transit Link (02 August 2011 - present)
Transit service linking Collingwood and Wasaga Beach, jointly funded by the towns of Collingwood and Wasaga Beach and the County of Simcoe, operated by contractor Sinton Transportation (“County supports transit link,”, 30 June 2011). Initial service is a five-month trial.

Deseronto, Ontario

Deseronto Transit (David Wyatt 2009 July 13) Deseronto Transit (August 2007 - present)
Commuter service between Deseronto and Belleville, Picton and Napanee (CPTDB 2008, Intellegencer 2008, JP 2008, Photo David A. Wyatt).

Deseronto Transit logo
system logo
Data source: website 2010 (logo)

Dryden, Ontario

Dryden Transit (? - circa 1999?)
CTHF/SSG 2000 reports no transit service operating in Dryden. (APR, CUTA 1992 "non-member") (not in CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1989, CUTA 1988, Sotnyk 1981, or Perera 1973). (Dawes et al. 1972 lists a " Dryden Bus Lines").

Vehicle fleet3 buses
Data source:CTHF/SSG 1998

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