All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems
6.2 Miscellaneous “Transit” Systems

Random notes on transportation services that are not public transit.

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Mahone Bay Transit (? - present [Christmas Season])
omnibus Each year during the Father Christmas Festival horse-drawn wagon rides are provided within Mahone Bay. So far as is known, Mahone Bay has never had a local public transit system, however it did once have storage battery railcar service connecting it to Lunenburg.

Morden, Manitoba

Morden Corn and Apple Festival Shuttle (David A. Wyatt 2011) Corn & Apple Shuttle (? - present [3 days/year])
Each year during the summer Corn & Apple Festival Morden provides scheduled shuttle bus service connecting campgrounds and other accommodations with the festival site. So far as is known, Morden has never had a local transit system, although the town has studied the idea in recent years. Studies have generally been conducted in cooperation with the neighbouring City of Winkler. (photo: David A. Wyatt).

Rosebud, Alberta

Rosebud Public Transit (? - present [summer seasons])
Each summer in Rosebud, Alberta, community bicycles are set out for anyone to use to travel from place to place in the town of 88 (2011 Census). So far as is known, Rosebud has never had a local public transit system involving motorized vehicles. (facebook gallery 2015).

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