Tett General Merchants, Newboro

Queens Univeristy Archives holds the papers of the Tett family of Newboro, Ontario. Headed by Benjamin Tett, the family operated general stores, lumber mills, and other businesses in and around North Crosby Township in Leeds County, Ontario. The "day books" from the Newboro and Bedford Mills general stores record sales and other transactions, especially those crediting or debiting the accounts of local residents. William Wyant maintained an account with the Tett's for many years. Below is one of his earliest transactions.

Day Book Record of Shopping Transaction, 27 November 1847


[page] 566
Saturday 27th Nov 1847
William Wyant D[ebi]t      
2 chalklines 10d     20 yds [illegible] Cotton [at] 7½[d] 12 [s]/6 [d] 13[s] 4[d]      
½ # [lb] Tea 1[s]/3[d]     1 # [lb] Saleratus 7½d 1[s] 10½[d]      
1 pr Gloves 4[s]/     2 spools 4½d 4[s][d]      
8 yds [illegible] [at] 6½d 4[s]/4[d]   1 H[ac]ks[aw?] 1[s]/-   1X cutfile 1[s]/6[d] 6[s] 10[d] [£]1 6[s] 4[d]


Illegible Sections

Any suggestion or interpretation would be greatly appreciated.
  1. 20 yds [illegible] Cotton [at] 7.5d [for] 12/6
  2. 8 yds [illegible] [at] 6.5d [for] 4/4

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