Scott Kroeker


Group 2014


Current Members

Kirill Levin, PhD student (2013-)

NMR of Paramagnetic Solids

Arun Krishnamurthy, M.Sc. Student (2016 - )

NMR of Nuclear Waste Glasses

Yaroslav Germanov, Summer Student (2015)

Li-7 NMR of Borates

Former Group Members

John E. C. Wren, Post Doc. (2014), PhD Student (2008-2014)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Radioactive Waste Related Molybdates at High and Ambient Temperatures

Renata Sexius, Undergraduate Summer Student (2014)

Randi Christensen, Post Doc. (2012)

NMR of Paramagnetic Amorphous Materials

Alex Paterson, Honours Project and Summer Student (2012-13)

Devitrification of Model Nuclear Waste Glasses

Conor Zeer-Wanklyn, ICE/NSERC Student (2013)

Solid-State NMR of Beta-Diiminate Rhodium Complexes with Silane and Borane Ligands

David Snider, Undergraduate Summer Student (2013)

Lead-207 NMR of Coordination Polymers

Brandon Greer, M.Sc. (2010-2012)

Determining the effect of paramagnetic cations in multinuclear NMR spectra of model nuclear waste glasses

Kimberly Craigen, Undergraduate Summer Student (2012)

Oxygen-17 NMR of Amino Acids

Stanton Giesbrecht, Honours Project Student (2010-11)

Boron-11 studies of borate minerals at high and moderate magnetic fields

Rhys Sharkey, undergraduate summer student (2011)

High temperature MAS NMR investigations of nuclear waste relevant materials

Heather Cavers, undergraduate summer student (2011, 2012)

Multinuclear NMR studies of cyanide containing coordination polymers

Vladimir K. Michaelis, Ph.D. (2006-10); Currently a Postdoc with Dr. Robert Griffin at the Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory, MIT, (Cambridge, MA).

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Disorder and Local Structure in Borate and Germanate Materials

Palak Kachhadia, Undergraduate Summer Student (2010)

Lawson Miller, Inorganic Chemistry Exchange student (2010)

Dr. Charlotte Martineau, (2008-09); currently Maitre de Conférénce at Tectospin, Institut Lavoisier de Versailles, France

Double Resonance NMR Techniques in Borosilicate Glasses

Carolyn Higman, ICE Undergraduate Summer Student (2009); currently undergraduate student, Ottawa

Phase Separation in Model Nuclear Waste Glasses

Nicholas Svenda, Honours Project Student (2008-09)

Crystallinity in Model Nuclear Waste Glasses

Paul Sidhu, Postdoc (2005-08)

Theoretical and Experimental Invetigations of NMR Interactions in Paramagnetic Compounds

Pedro M. Aguiar, Ph.D. (2002-07); Currently Experimental Officer in NMR, Department of Chemistry, University of York

Multinuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Amorphous Materials

Christine McKinley, NSERC Summer student (2006), Honours project student (2006-07); currently Project Coordinator, Apotex Fermentation, Inc.

Local Structure and Network Mixing in Model Nuclear Wasteform Cesium Borosilicate Glasses

Amy Holland, ICE/NSERC Undergraduate Summer Student (2006); currently at GreenCentre Canada

Probing Electronic Structure in Spin-Admixed Complexes by Solid-State NMR

Kenan Yang, M.Sc. (2003-05)

Magnetic Resonance Studies of Fluorapatites

Anthony Cerqueira, Undergraduate Summer Student (2005); currently M.Sc. student with M.A. White, Dalhousie

NMR and Raman Investigations of Alkali-Borate Glasses

Erin Grundy, ICE/NSERC Undergraduate Summer Student (2005)

Double-Resonance Studies of Oxygen-Cation Interactions in Borate and Borosilicate Glasses

Joy Okoro, Undergraduate Summer Student (2004)

Nuclear Spin Interaction Simulations

Carolyn Robertson, Undergraduate Summer Student (2003)

Medium-Range Order in Alkali-Borate Glasses

Carmen Recksiedler, Undergraduate Summer Student (2002)

Oxygen chemical Shielding and Electric Field Gradients in Metal-Oxides


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