Nano-Systems Fabrication Laboratory (NSFL)

Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering

Price Faculty of Engineering

About the NSFL

The NSFL is an open access cleanroom micromachining lab established to provide nano-system R&D and prototyping to university and industry researchers. As a central facility, the NSFL links multidisciplinary researchers from many university departments. This 4000 ft. sq. laboratory possess over $4 million of nanofabrication infrastructure, providing a comprehensive suite of state of the art equipment and software for MEMS fabrication, analysis, and testing.

The NSFL has assisted many research groups from across the U of M campus, and several outside industry and organizations. Over 300 professors, students (ranging from high school to Ph.D. level), and industry personnel have used the NSFL. Some of the supported research projects have included:

  •  MEMS for telecommunications

  •  Gas sensors for industrial and agricultural applications

  •  Nanoelectronic sensor systems

  •  Microsensors for magnetic and electric field measurement

  •  Ultra-thin dielectrics for nanoelectronics

  •  Microfluidic biosensor for cell diagnostics

  •  Conducting polymer-based nanoelectronics

  •  Magnetic, thermal, and electrostatic microactuators

  •  Micromolding and electroplating

  •  Coatings for liquid crystal research

  •  Microfluidics for industrial cooling

  •  Thin film coatings for synchrotron FTIR microspectroscopy

  •  Inkjet deposition technologies

  •  Adaptive mirror technologies

  •  MEMS for power systems applications

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