All-Time List of Canadian Transit Systems
Alberta Communities (H - Z)

by David A. Wyatt

Hinton, Alberta

Hinton Transit System (06 June 2007 - present)
Eighteen-month pilot project. Hinton Transit System is a Town of Hinton service, contracted to and operated by Cardinal Coach Lines Limited (Town website 2007). Service made permanent 2009. Contract operator listed in 2010 was First Canada Ltd. (website 2010).

Hinton Transit System logo 2014
system logo 2014
Data source: website 2014

Innisfail – Penhold – Red Deer County, Alberta

Sorensen Bus Lines, Ltd. (circa 1940? - 1944?)
Frequent wartime bus service between Red Deer and the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan base at Penhold. Service was 16 trips/day (Parkin). Training program closed 1944. After service as an RCAF base, CFB Penhold was sold for redevelopment in 1995 and eventually renamed Springbrook.

Red Deer Transit (31 August 2009 - present)
Transit service between Red Deer and the “Gasoline Alley” commercial area in Red Deer County. Peak-hour service also reaches Springbrook. Sponsored by the County of Red Deer and operated by RDT. Springbrook service transfered 2019 to new 2ASRT.

2A South Regional Transit (14 January 2019 - present)
Pilot commuter transit service connecting Innisfail, Penhold, and Springbrook with Red Deer. Sponsored by the County of Red Deer and the towns of Innisfail and Penhold. Operated by Red Deer Transit. The service was fare-free until the 08 February 2019.

Lacombe – Blackfalds, Alberta

Red Deer Transit/BOLT [Lacombe/Blackfalds] 10009 (Nova LFS) (2015 Jun 01 Kevin Nicol) BOLT (25 August 2014 - present)
Name is derived from the initials for “Blackfalds Lacombe Transit”. The City of Lacombe and the Town of Blackfalds have contracted with Red Deer Transit to operate transit service connecting the two communities with Red Deer beginning September 2014. Initial contract is for 18 years (Lacombe Globe 24 October 2013). Website also says BOLT Transit. Free service operated 25 August - 30 September 2014. (photo Kevin Nicol).

BOLT [Lacombe - Blackfalds] logo 2014
BOLT logo 2014
Data source: website 2014

Lacombe & Blindman Valley Electric Interurban

L&BVER gascar (PAA 70.206/5) Lacombe and Blindman Valley Electric Railway Company (1913 - 1919?)
motor tram Incorporated 25 February 1909 (Alta). Lacombe to Bentley, Alberta. The line began operating as a gascar railway for passenger service. Freight was handled by conventional steam power. The intention to electrify was abandoned and the line was reorganized as the Lacombe and Northwestern Railway in 1919, passing first into provincial hands and then to the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. (Martin says the gascar was retired in 1928.) (photo Public Archives of Alberta).


Interurban gascar railway1913 - 1917? or 1928


Lloydminster, Alberta-Saskatchewan

The City of Lloydminster is a single municipality located partly in Alberta and partly in Saskatchewan. A single Town was formed in 1930 by the amalgamation of the Village of Lloydminster, Alberta, and the Town of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. The Town became a City in 1958.


A 1946 Fitzjohn model 310 Cityliner transit bus (serial no. 8534) was purchased from Lloydminster in 1951 by Columbia Stage Lines of New Westminster, BC. It is unknown if there was ever a transit system in Lloydminster or if there was, if 1946-1951 might have been its lifespan. (Canadian Coach Vol. 3, No. 3, March 1967, p. 9). In 1951 the population of Lloydminster was 3,938 (

Medicine Hat, Alberta

Blair's Bus Lines (? - 1952)
Owner L.R. Blair. Company ending service in 1952 was locally owned City Bus Lines according to the Calgary Herald (Jun. 5, 1952, p. 14). (RS for March 1952).

Medicine Hat Transit Ltd. (1952 - circa 1953)
Company owned by the same owners as the Moose Jaw Transportation Company (see Moose Jaw) (Calgary Herald Jun. 5, 1952, p. 14; Aug. 20, 1953, p. 5). Newspaper reports in late 1953 describe MH Transit Ltd. as an employee co-op but this is almost certainly a reference to MHTtn Co. (Regina Leader-Post Oct. 14, 1953, p. 2).

Medicine Hat Transit Sys (GM old look) 6th Ave. (Peter Cox 1968) Medicine Hat Transportation Company (02 November 1953 - June 1970)
(RS for August 1963, Canadian Coach 1969, 1972, photo: Peter Cox). Operation was acquired by the City June 1970 (Medicine Hat News 17 September 2014).

Medicine Hat Transit (System) (June 1970 - present)
(Dawes et al. 1972, Transit Canada 1975, CUTA 1976-77, CUTA 1989, CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1992)

Medicine Hat Transit logo
system logo
Service area population43,000 (1991)
Ridership1,247,000 (2009)
Vehicle fleet26 buses (2000)
Employees44 (1991)
Data sources:CUTA 1991/2
CTF [Aug. 2010] (ridership)
website 2010 (logo)

Peace River, Alberta

Peace River Mini Bus (1990's?)
Observed in operation in 1994 (Bus Industry Vol. 29 No. 112 August 2018, p. 49).

Peace River Transit (22 February 2005 - 31 March 2011)
Contractor from start-up was Cardinal Coach Lines. From summer of 2008 a five year operating contract was awarded to The Bus Company, formed largely from Cardinal employees. Napp 'n Sons Ventures Ltd. purchased TBCo June 2010. Service cancelled March 2011. (The [Peace River] Record-Gazette various issues 2006-2010, “Say goodbye to the PR bus service” [Record -Gazette 29 March 2011], website 2010).

Peacer River Transit logo
system logo
Service area population6,315 (2006)
Data source: 2006 Census
website 2010 (logo)


On 17 September 2015 the Alberta Government announced 66.7% funding to establish a public transit system in Peace River. Peace River cancelled the project and returned the funds May 2017.

Pincher Creek, Alberta

In early 2017 funding was announced to establish a transit system in Pincher Creek. No timelines were given. (Lethbridge Herald 15 January 2017).

Red Deer, Alberta

Red Deer Bus Lines Red Deer Bus Lines (1946? - 31 August 1957?)
One-bus operation owned and operated by Danny Donahue (or Dan Donaghy). Sold 31 August 1956 to Gordon L. Sorenson (forthjunction 2015). (Alan Gryfe 2002).

City Bus Service vehicles City Bus Service (Red Deer) Limited (01 September 1957 - 31 August 1966)
Subsidiary of Sorensen Bus Lines, Ltd. (Canadian Coach 1966, CUTA F91). (Alan Gryfe 2002).

Red Deer Transit System 71-15 (GM old look) (Peter Cox 1968) Red Deer Transit System (01 September 1966 - present)
Municipal system. Recently known as Red Deer Transit. From 31 August 2009 also operates transit service to Springbrook and Gasoline Alley in Red Deer County. From 14 January 2019 operates regional transit service to Innisfail, Penhold, and Springbrook and Gasoline Alley in Red Deer County. (Dawes et al. 1972, Transit Canada 1975, CUTA 1976-77, CUTA 1989, CUTA 1991/2, CUTA 1992). (Photos: Peter Cox, RDTS).

RDTS New Flyer D40LF bus

Red Deer Transit logo
system logo
Service area population58,000 (1991)
Ridership3,730,249 (2009)
Vehicle fleet32 buses (2000)
Employees47 (1991)
Data sources:CUTA 1991/2
CTF [Aug. 2010] (ridership)
website 2010 (logo)


Redcliff, Alberta

Redcliff Bus Lines Western Flyer builders photo (New Flyer collection) Redcliff Bus Lines Ltd. (? - ?)
(Scrafton et al. 1970, Dawes et al. 1972). Suburban service between Redcliff and nearby Medicine Hat. Company started as a taxi service in 1932.

Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Wetaskiwin Transit (01 September 2010 - present)
Existing disability/seniors transportation operations of the Wetaskiwin Community Transportation Society formally rebranded from September 2010 as available to the general public. From July 2010 service area includes the neighbouring town of Millet. (Wetaskiwin Times 18 Aug. 2010, 15 Sep. 2010).

Wetaskiwin Transit logo 2014
system logo 2014
Data source: twitter 2014

Whitecourt, Alberta

Whitecourt Transit 142976, a GMC cutaway (2015 May Kevin Nicol) Whitecourt Transit (02 September 2014 - present)
In June 2014 the Town of Whitecourt contracted with FirstCanada ULC to operate a local transit service in Whitecourt (Whitecourt Star 18 June 2014). Introductory free service 02 September - 05 September 2014. (photo Kevin Nicol).

Whitecourt Transit logo 2014
system logo 2014
Data source: website 2014

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