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Environmental & Evolutionary Physiology

My research employs phylogenomic and physiological approaches to better understand the evolution of respiratory pigments (hemoglobin/myoglobin) of mammals ranging from the smallest shrews to the largest whales, with a focus on protein function adaptive for subterranean and aquatic life, and the thermal specializations of extinct cold-adapted species (e.g. woolly mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, and Steller's sea cow). Additional research is centered on historical contingencies arising from the inactivation of protein coding genes in select mammalian lineages, and their associations with evolutionary transitions apparent in the fossil record. Funding for my research is primarily provided by grants from the NSERC Discovery Grant Program.


Research Opportunities:

Research opportunities are available for undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral investigators interested in pursuing studies under the broad umbrella of paleophysiology, evolutionary biology, and comparative physiology. Students and post-docs are strongly encouraged to tailor and develop their own projects, though opportunities to contribute to ongoing projects in the lab are also available. To help discuss research possibilities, I encourage interested students to briefly outline their academic background and goals, together with potential projects and lab publications of interest. I look forward to hearing from you.

2018-2019 Courses Taught:

Anatomy of the Human Body (BIOL 1410)
Environmental Physiology of Animals 1 (BIOL 3470)

Recent Lab News:

Triston Eastman wins the Lane Graham Prize for best Honours Thesis. Well done! (May 2018)

Welcome to new lab members Gurasis Osahan and Tamarah Singh (May 2018)

Congrats to Mike Gaudry for successfully defending his M.Sc. thesis (August 2017)

Triston Eastman wins the Faculty of Science poster competition. Nice! (August 2017)

Mike Gaudry paper on UCP1 inactivation published in Science Advances (July 2017)

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