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About Us

Getting and keeping the best people is the most critical component of success in bioinformatics.

High-throughput projects require a team with a maturity of skills that can only be developed and maintained by ongoing research in bioinformatics. Put another way, in order for us to provide the highest level of service an important component of our work is to make original contributions to the field of bioinformatics.

At the same time, the service component of our work ensures that we stay grounded in the real-world needs of the laboratory groups with whom we collaborate. Our extensive program in software development is instructed by the bench scientists with whom we work on a day to day basis.
Intellectual Critical Mass - Our lab has a dynamic mixture of biologists, bioinformaticians, and computer scientists with broad experience both in the lab and on the computer.

Continuity of exertise - Even as people cycle in and out of the lab, we maintain a high maturity of skills through cross-training, documentation, and collaboration.

Interdisciplinary synergies - Our lab members work as a team, each contributing knowledge, experience, and "mindset" from their respective fields.

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