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VIDEO Presentation:
Moving targets and millions of sequencing reads - Bioinformatics lessons from an international biofuels project 
Faculty of Agriculture Seminar Series, Oct. 23, 2013. (MP4 Video, 1.05 Gb, 1:06:25)

Bioinformatics Services, Resources and Collaborations

  • Genome assembly and annotation
  • Microarray/Transcriptomics
  • Systems Biology/Pathway analysis
  • Databases
  • Data pipelines
  • Bioinformatics software
  • Custom software and programming
  • Project Wikis
  • Lab group computer management

Let us help you write the bioinformatics component of your next grant proposal.

About the Bit logo: The lowercase "i" in the Bit logo could represent any number of things, including: a very early stage plant embryo; Lambda phage; a DNA or RNA inverted repeat with stem/loop structure; a spermatozoan; a bacterium with a flagellum. At the same time the "i" could also be interpreted as representing the two possible values of binary data, 1 and 0.
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