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VIDEO Presentation:
Moving targets and millions of sequencing reads - Bioinformatics lessons from an international biofuels project 
Faculty of Agriculture Seminar Series, Oct. 23, 2013. (MP4 Video, 1.05 Gb, 1:06:25)

Bioinformatics Services, Resources and Collaborations

  • Genome assembly and annotation
  • Microarray/Transcriptomics
  • Systems Biology/Pathway analysis
  • Databases
  • Data pipelines
  • Bioinformatics software
  • Custom software and programming
  • Project Wikis
  • Lab group computer management

Let us help you write the bioinformatics component of your next grant proposal.

BIT facilities are provided through the generosity of the Department of Computer Science and the Faculty of Science.

About the Bit logo: The lowercase "i" in the Bit logo could represent any number of things, including: a very early stage plant embryo; Lambda phage; a DNA or RNA inverted repeat with stem/loop structure; a spermatozoan; a bacterium with a flagellum. At the same time the "i" could also be interpreted as representing the two possible values of binary data, 1 and 0.
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