PLNT3140 Introductory Cytogenetics
  Bioinformatics Lab 1, part 1 of 1

October, November 2017



1.  Fristensky, B. Network computing: Restructuring how scientists use computers and what we get out of them. In Misener S, Krawetz S. (1999) Bioinformatics Methods and Protocols , pp 401-412, Humana Press.
2. Fristensky, B.  Network-centric computing in genomics. AgBiotechNet Vol. 1, ABN032 , November 1999

A. Connecting to Linux from Windows

B. Tutorial: Setting up your Linux account

C. Network-centric computing and Unix

  • HUMOR:  What if the Enterprise had to run using PCs? Star Trek: the PC Generation
  • D. Finding information

    E. Tutorial: The GNOME Desktop

    Learn more about Unix/Linux

    MUUG - Manitoba Unix
                    User Group