Varian Unity Inova 600 (narrow-bore), equipped with double- and triple-resonance MAS probes and a 1.6 mm FASTmas probe.

Bruker Avance III 400 (wide-bore), equipped with a 4 mm double-resonance MAS probe. Additionally, a laser-heated 7mm MAS probe is available, capable of temperatures up to 750 degrees centigrade and MAS rates of 2.5-3.5 kHz.

Bruker Avance III 500 (narrow-bore), equipped with a 1.3 mm ultrafast spinning MAS probe, B-free 4 mm triple-resonance broadband MAS probe, and a single-channel low-gamma 4 mm MAS probe. A home-built non-spinning low-gamma probe is also available.

These facilities have been made possible by infrastructure grants from the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Manitoba Research Innovation Fund, along with generous support from industry partners, Varian/Agilent, Inc. and Bruker Canada.

Additional information can be found at the Prairie Regional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility.


A Nexus 670 FT-Raman/IR spectrophotometer, equipped with diffuse-reflectance IR attachment for studying solids and an array of sample holders for studying both solids and liquids by Raman is available in our lab.


For high temperature (< 1900 K) synthesis we have a Deltech inert-atmosphere vertical tube furnace. A Thermolyne 1300 box furnace is available for low temperature (< 1300 K) synthesis. Also for low-temperature synthesis requiring inert atmospheres there is a horizontal tube furnace.