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M.A. Phil.
2006 -
Thesis -
University of Manitoba
Metaphysics of Laws of Nature
Ph.D. E.E.
1991 -
Thesis -
University of Ottawa
Computer Techniques for Electromagnetic Interaction Modelling
M.Sc. E.E.
1987 -
Thesis -
University of Manitoba
Analysis of a Parabolic Waveguide with Rotationally Symmetric Excitation
B.Sc. E.E.
(with distinction)
1984 -
Thesis -
University of Manitoba
Determination of Three Dimensional Temperature Gradients by the Inverse Black Body Radiation Method

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ECE 3580 Foundations of Electromagnetics

ECE 3530 Network Theory

ECE 4390 Engineering Computations 4E


ECE 7810 Computational Electromagnetics

ECE 8200 Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics

ECE 7670 Optimization Methods


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