ECE 8200 Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics

Fall 2006

This page contains information related to the 24.8200 Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics Course.

Last Update: December 18, 2006
Lecture: Tuesdays and Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. in Room E2-164

Take-Home Final Exam will be in the New Year (Early January)

Course Outline and Notes

  1. Course Outline (2006) [PDF File]
  2. Time Domain Green's Function [PDF File]
  3. Velocity of Plane Waves (something I wrote a while ago) [PDF File]
  4. Variational Methods (Notes from Harrington and Collin [PDF File]

Reading Assignments

  1. Read the first chapter of Stratton [PDF File]
  2. Stratton Integration of Curl-Curl Equation [PDF File]
  3. Jackson Point Source and Sphere [PDF File]
  4. Harrington "on-waves" [PDF File]
  5. Harrington Ch 4 Plane Wave Functions [PDF File]
  6. Jackson Plane Waves in Dispersive Media [PDF File]
  7. Harrington Microwave Networks [PDF File]
  8. Harrington Theorems and Concepts [PDF File]
  9. Chen - Integral Equations [PDF File]

Formal assignments to be handed in

  1. Assignment 1 (Electrostatic and Magnetostatic Laws from Maxwell's equations. Due Sept. 19) [PDF File]
  2. Assignment 2 (Integration of vector magnetostatic equation and force on charge inside sphere. Due Sept. 28) [PDF File]
  3. Assignment 3 (Power. Due October 10) [PDF File]
  4. Assignment 4 (Kramers-Kronig Relations. Due Tuesday October 24) [PDF File]
  5. Assignment 5 (TM/TE modes and evanescent waves. Due Tuesday Nov. 7) [PDF File]
  6. Assignment 6 (Current element, waveguide. Due Thursday Nov. 16) [PDF File]
  7. Assignment 7 (Transmission Lines, Sturm-Liouville Systems. Due Tuesday Dec. 5) [PDF File]
  8. Assignment 8 (Reciprocity, Equivalence Principle, Radar Cross-section. Due Tuesday Dec. 5) [PDF File]

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