EON 2x3 flat wall back projected passive stereo system with immersive reality system

Flat wall is a 3D stereo projection wall. it is an immersive, stereoscopic turnkey display solution that uses standard LCD or DLP projectors together with EON software and Cyviz stereo converter.Courtesy of VizTek The system allows intuitive, real-time interaction with a front or back projected single or multiple screens with realistic 3D imagery that is responsive to the user's actions and can display multiple objects or a full environment.

Polhemus 6 DOF 3 channel 10 feet long range Fastrack tracking system

The FASTRAK can provide dynamic, real time six degrees of freedom measurement of position (X, Y, and Z Cartesian coordinates) and orientation (azimuth, elevation, and roll), and it is a electromagnetic tracking system available

Vyvisor head mounted stereo display and Pinch Gloves dataglove

The PINCH Glove System is a virtual manipulation device and it allows users to pinch and grab virtual objects or initiate action. Each finger can be programmed to generate different actions. Users can program as many functions as can be remembered. It provides a reliable, low cost method of recognizing natural gestures.

ShapeGrabber 3D Laser Scanner

The ShapeGrabber system digitizes your part in 3 dimensions, collecting accurate coordinates at rates up to 100,000 points per second. Once fully digitized, the data can be compared to the 3D CAD Model or a master part using popular 3D inspection software packages. The results can be viewed graphically, shown in a color map, and stored for later use.

Checkmaker CMM (Model 216-142 DCC)

The Checkmaker Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Model 216-142 DCC is a probe-contacting type of CMM. It uses a simple and reliable drive system coupled with the powerful PMAC Controller and state-of-the-art electronics so that it provides tremendous 3-D measuring power with speed and versatility. it has the measuring range of 16", 20" and 14" for x, y and z directions, repectively. Hardened stainless steel ways and steel scales on steel structures offer uniform linear expansion minimizing thermal errors.

EON Reality Studio System

EON Studio is a complete development tool that allows users of all experience levels to build complete, interactive product content quickly and easily with no programming experience required. Whether you create Applications for Sales and Marketing, Support and training or Visualization, EON Studio provides a unique range of benefits and functionality making it the best choice.

Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Qualify Systems

Geomagic Studio is the software for reverse engineering and mass customization. It processes scan data from a physical part to generate highly accurate models for manufacturing.

3D modeling and CAD/CAM systems

In our Lab., we have Pro/Engineering, Autodesk VIZ and AutoCAD Those software are tools for VR modeling.

Delmia digital manufacturing system:Robotics Simulation

DELMIA Robotics is a scalable solution that can leverages the power of the PPR Hub to deliver integrated, scalable, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions for robotic workcell setup, programming, simulation, and verification.

Delmia digital manufacturing system:QUEST Advanced

QUEST is a flexible object-based discrete event simulation tool to efficiently model, experiment and analyze facility layout and process flow. Both 2D schematic and 3D physical models are quickly created through pushbutton interfaces, dialog boxes and extensive libraries. Real-time interaction enables modification of model variables and viewing parameters during runs.

Delmia digital manufacturing system: Virtual NC

VIRTUAL NC emulates machine tools, controllers and material removal. NC programs are proven off-line without taking valuable machine tools out of production. On a desktop computer, VIRTUAL NC validates processes, tooling setups and NC production programs, eliminating costly collisions. Real-time, 3D solids modification provides the accuracy needed to validate machined parts against designs.

Delmia digital manufacturing system:Cell Control

Cell Control is a comprehensive add-on solution for DELMIA IGRIP that will provide a collaborative 3D environment to design, simulate, test and enhance the performance and productivity of a workcell. Mechanical and manufacturing engineers can precisely design, evaluate and optimize the sequence of operations and logics of the elements within a workcell; while control engineers can simulate, validate and debug PLC programs within the same IGRIP workcell.

Delmia digital manufacturing system: IGRIP software

IGRIP and Ultra products are robotic simulation tools for design, evaluation, and off-line programming of robotic workcells. Incorporating real world robotic and peripheral equipment, motion attributes, kinematics, dynamics and I/O logic, IGRIP and Ultra products produce extremely accurate simulations and programs. Optimize robot locations, motions and cycle times. Eliminate costly collisions between robots, parts, tools, fixtures and surroundings. Dramatically reduce implementation costs and robot programming time with IGRIP and Ultra products.

Delmia digital manufacturing system: DPM Assembly

DPM Assembly is a geometry based solution with the ability to: link and view product data from CAD system; author and view the assembly sequences and processes; and link each process step to the manufacturing resources utilizing a single, unified user interface.

Delmia digital manufacturing system: Process Engineer

Process Engineer provides high planning quality through methodically structured planning, early recognition of process risks, reuse of proven processes, traceable changes and decisions and usage of scattered process knowledge. Process Engineer is used during the conceptual product design phase, with the process design and alternative manufacturing concepts maturing through the conceptual, pre-planning and detail planning stages up to production.

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