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Welcome to the Monthly Mystery Spectrogram webzone. These pages are Rob Hagiwara's professional web-space. For personal musings, please see Rob's blog.

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From this page, you can access all of the current year's mystery spectrograms, and pages with previous years' mysteries.

Past Mysteries

Examine any of the spectrograms below and try to solve it. Clicking on any one of them will take you to the solution. Each solution will show the spectrogram again, but segmented and labeled, followed by the text/gloss of the spectrogram, and then the excruciating discussion (segment by segment). There should be a button next to each gloss which will allow you to play a .WAV file of the source. This is included with the <EMBED> tag, which may or may not work on all browsers. Sorry.

Current Year Archives

Check back after we solve a couple of spectrograms this year.

Annual archives